Block Heads 3 - Archive

Block Heads 3 - Archive

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Carrie Nelson

Welcome to the Moda Block Heads - Round 3!

This is a listing of the blocks in this round.  We'll update this every week as new blocks are released.  The blocks will be listed in reverse order - the newest blocks are first.  The layout options are after the blocks.

BH3 Block 13 Hampshire Star

Hampshire Star by Janet Clare - Block 12

BH3 Block 11 Blooming Love

Blooming Love by Robin Pickens - Block No. 11

BH3 Block 10

Windmill by Stacy Iest Hsu - Block No. 10

BH3 Block 9 Taos

Taos by Vanessa Goertzen - Block No. 9

BH3 Block 3 Nine-Patch

Nine-Patch by Laurie Simpson - Block No. 8

BH3 Block 7 Zest

Zest by Lissa Alexander - Block No. 7

BH3 Block 6 Magic

Magic by Lisa Bongean - Block No. 6

BH3 Block 5 LOVE

LOVE by Brigitte Heitland - Block No. 5

BH3 Block 4 Birdhouse

Birdhouse by Jan Patek - Block No. 4

BH3 Block 3 Star And Crown

Crown and Star by Betsy Chutchian - Block No. 3

BH3 Block 2 Sunshine Star

Sunshine Star by Sherri McConnell - Block 2

BH3 Block 1 Star Chain

Star Chain by Corey Yoder - Block 1

Layout Options

Frequently Asked Block Heads Questions

The list of Moda Designers for Block Heads 3 in the order of sharing blocks:

For ALL of the links to the patterns for Block Heads 2, Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique has the list - Moda Block Heads 2: The Finish Line.

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