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Inspiration + Resources

Inspiration + Resources

Inspiration is everywhere -the only limitation we have is when we don't let ourselves imagine, to see possibilities.
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Introducing the Pouch Club Series

Introducing a brand new, monthly series - Pouch Club with Chrissy of Sew Lux Fabric! Join us as we make a new Pouch pattern each month featuring a variety of styles and sizes.

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Moda Basics

V & Co. + Ombre

Lets talk Ombre fabric with Vanessa Christensen of V & Co.

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Getting to Know you - Stephanie Sliwinski

Let's get to know Moda fabric designer, Stephanie Sliwinski of Fancy That Design House & Co.

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6 for 60" Toweling Projects

Hello all, so excited to introduce m newest booklets. I am often asked how much yardage do I need if I dont know for sure what I am going to make. The answer is 60".

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Tour of Jenelle Kent's home

Enjoy this video of  how Jennelle Kent uses towling througout her home.

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Celebrating a Milestone: The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, and this is a great opportunity to join in the celebrations and learn about the history of quilting and the art form's evolution over the years. Incredible exhibitions, a place for inspiration, educational experience and to be with like minded people are just a few of the reasons to visit Paducah, Kentucky and the home of the National Quilt Museum.

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