BH3 Block 35 - Coming Together

BH3 Block 35 - Coming Together

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Carrie Nelson

If you've seen Lissa Alexander's quilts, you know there will be some kind of twist, something unexpected.  She started with a striking palette of navy, green, cream and gray, and little pops of pink are starting to appear.  To see the evolution, we shared Lissa's blocks No. 7 - Zest and No. 21 - XOXO.

Today is Block 35 - Coming Together.  As she writes in the pattern, she loves simple graphic shapes and plus signs, so she created a block that combines the two. 

CT BH3 Block 35 Lissa

It can be made in four sizes - 4", 6", 8" and 12" finished, and the instructions can be found on her blog - ModaLissa

CT Lissa BH3 Block 28

Broken Dishes - Block No. 28

CT BH3 Lissa Block 29

Ring Around - Block 29

CT BH3 Lissa Block 31

Block 31 - Lissa's take on the Basket Collector, Betsy Chutchian's block.  This is the 4" finished size, and it's on Honey Buns of a new collection.  (We're stashing a few of them because we know we'll want to make whatever Lissa does.)

CT BH3 Lissa Block 34

Lissa's Block 34 - Fulfillment.  Aka, the block of many, many triangles.  After taking the picture, Lissa realized that some of the pieces were turned around.  So she's calling this "Two Wrongs Make A Right."

Just in case... the instructions for Coming Together can be found on Lissa's blog - ModaLissa.

And if you need the instructions for any other blocks - Block Heads 3 Archive.  (It is updated every Wednesday and Friday.)

There's also a Block Heads 2 Archive. 

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Have a good Wednesday and stay safe.

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