Robin Pickens

Robin Pickens

My life is a combination of work I love and am passionate about, my search for healthier living, being aware of the little gems in the days and weeks, growing a business while keeping my family a priority, managing my creative time at the office, enjoying every second of my days, and crafting a creative, happy life.

I’ve been in the corporate world of broadcast design, having worked for years designing and animating graphics for tv shows and managing others. It came with rewards and prestige but also came with stress, long days, and a nagging sense that I was not doing what I came here to do, both in my daily living and my art. I decided to pursue work that was more personal and artistic through illustration, textile and surface design and exploring ways of sharing my vision through licensing my artwork. My work now starts from my heart and blooms with color, happiness and inspiration. I love to create. Whether it is decorating our work-in-progress modern-ish home or making up a new recipe for friends and family, it is all part of the creative journey. My work projects range from greeting cards and calendars to collections for tabletop and entertaining, to rugs and home decor. My days at my studio help me create the space I come home to, with products to share and products for the home- ones with color, warmth, connection and stylish design.

It’s all a work in progress…and along the way I have met wonderful artists, my great agent, helpful manufacturers and good friends as I continue to learn new things everyday about the industries I create for.

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Style Collection Name Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Style Dandi Duo fcc_dandi-duo.pdf jpg_dandi-duo.zip 2023.12
Style Forest Frolic fcc_forest-frolic.pdf jpg_forest-frolic.zip 2023.07
Style Wild Blossoms fcc_wild-blossoms.pdf jpg_wild-blossoms.zip 2023.03
Style Pansys Posies fcc_pansys-posies.pdf jpg_pansys-posies.zip 2022.10
Style Tulip Tango fcc_tulip_tango.pdf jpg_tulip-tango.zip 2022.04
Style 108 Thatched fcc_108_inch_thatched.pdf jpg_108-thatched.zip 2022.02
Style Carolina Lilies fcc_carolina-lilies.pdf jpg_carolina-lilies.zip 2021.11
Style Cottage Bleu fcc_CottageBleu_RobinPickens.pdf jpg_CottageBleu_RobinPickens.zip 2021.04
Style Thatched New 2020 fcc_thatched2020.pdf jpg_thatched2020.zip 2021.02
Style Solana fcc_solana.pdf jpg_solana.zip 2020.10
Style Abby Rose 2020/fcc_abby-rose.pdf 2020/jpg_abby-rose.zip 2020.03
Style Thatched 2019/fcc_thatched.pdf 2019/jpg_thatched.zip 2019/fp_quiltcon-thatchedtictactoe-booklet-web.pdf 2019.11
Style Painted Meadow 2019/fcc_painted-meadow.pdf 2019/jpg_painted-meadow.zip 2019.10
Christmas Splendid 2019/fcc_splendid.pdf 2019/jpg_splendid.zip 2019.05
Style Sweet Pea and Lily 2019/fcc_sweet-pea-lily.pdf 2019/jpg_sweet-pea-and-lily.zip 2019.03
Style Dandi Annie 2018/fcc_dandi-annie.pdf 2018/jpg_dandi-annie.zip 2018.11
Style Dear Mum 2018/fcc_dear-mum.pdf 2018/jpg_dear-mum.zip 2018.03
Style Blushing Peonies 2017/fcc_blushing-peonies.pdf 2017/jpg_blushing-peonies.zip 2017.11
Style Poppy Mae 2016/fcc_poppy_mae.pdf 2016/jpg_poppy-mae.zip 2016.11