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Flowers For Sarah

Flowers For Sarah

Written by: 
Mary Andra Holmes

I love applique.  I fell in love with Betsy Chutchian's newest fabric collection, Sarah's Story.  After all, Sarah wrote Mary Had A Little Lamb.  With permission, I named this quilt Flowers For Sarah.

Background fabric - 1  3/8 yards

Flower fabrics - Fat Eights bundle.

Sashing, border, flower centers and binding fabric - 2 yards

Corner squares for center sashing - fat eighth. (yellow)

Backing fabric - 3  1/2 yards

Batting - 62" x 62"

Tools for your method of applique'.


Seam allowance for piecing will be 1/4".

Cutting instructions:

Background- # 16 (10.5" x 10.5")  NOTE: If your fabric measures 42", you can cut your background fabrics 11" x 11". When applique is complete,  re-cut background to 10.5" x 10.5".

Flower center circle -  cut #9 circles.  Cut these using your method of applique.

NOTE: I cut all borders, sashing and binding on straight of grain.  It is important that you cut all pieces on straight of grain and use full length of the two yards when cutting. By doing this, you can get (6) 10.5" cuts with 9" left over to use for centers. Outside borders will now be one length and no need for piecing borders. Plus, cutting straight of grain helps square up your quilt.

Sashing - Center - #24 (2" x 10.5")

Corner sashings - cut #9 ( 2" x 2")

NOTE: You may want to wait until your center is pieced and ready for cutting borders. This way they can fit your exact quilt size.

Borders - Cut #2 (4"  by approximately 46") Measure your pieced center and USE THAT MEASUREMENT as your length for side cuts.   Cut #2 (4"  by approximately 53") cut the top and bottom border after the side borders have been added to your center. USE THAT  MEASUREMENT  to cut your top and bottom borders on your quilt.

Bindings - 225" of binding. you will need #3  (2.5" x  72" cuts plus an additional 2.5" x 9" cut to get the 225".

Applique instructions:

Print and prepare the applique templates.

Tape the two paper pattern pieces together to make one complete 10" pattern block.

Prepare applique pieces and complete applique using your preferred method.

I hand applique' using the needle turn technique. I place my pattern template on a light box.  A window during the day works well too. I tape the pattern to the window.

Find the center of background square by folding background fabric in half and finger press, open and fold in half opposite direction, finger press. Center fabric on paper pattern using drawn guide lines on pattern.

Note: Secure background fabric by pinning all 4 corners to paper to avoid fabric shifting as you pin petals.

Pin all (A) petals in place using template as a placement guide. Applique' in place. 

Pin all (B) petals in place. Applique in place.

Pin flower center in place. I used a ruler to make sure flower center was indeed centered on petals. Applique in place.

Assemble rows as seen below.

Add batting, backing, quilting, binding, LABEL and you are finished!

This quilt finishes at approximately 52" x 52"

I hope you enjoyed making this project as much as I enjoyed designing it!

Mary Andra Holmes

One of the sisters of Sisters Quilting Trunk.

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