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Christmas in July ~ Red & White

Christmas in July ~ Red & White

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It's a classic color combination - one of the most collectible for antique quilts - and it's perfect for holiday decorating. CT-Pile-of-Red-&-White-Pillows

Red and white.  Red and cream.  Any shade of red - every shade of red! There's an "infinite variety".  (You knew I would have to reference that amazing quilt show, right?) I love pillows.  For decorating, for gifts and for impromptu naps - they're very versatile that way.  Changing the pillows in a room is a quick change, especially at the holidays.  They're also relatively easy to make, sort of like mini quilts... in fact, many of your favorite mini quilt patterns would make great pillows. Using an assortment of red prints from Moda's designer collections and a few Basics, these pillows were made with either a single block from a big quilt pattern or a mini quilt pattern. CT-Round-&-Round This is a block from Round & Round by Camille Roskelley of Thimbleblossoms.  The fabrics are from Vintage Picnic, Handmade, Hey Dot, Little Ruby, Hometown Girl and Hop, Skip & a Jump.  With borders, this pillow finishes at 24" x 24".  (I love big pillows.) CT-Blossom-Mini This is Mini Blossom by Joanna Figueroa - Miss Fig Tree & Co.  The tiny floral print is from Strawberry Fields Revisited, also a Figgy production.  This pillow measures 20" x 20". CT-Red-Letter-Day-Mini Red Letter Day - really!  Camille's pattern is made with four blocks but nine made a better size pillow.  "Borrowing" the reversed block idea from her big Red Letter Day pattern, this pillow measures 24" x 24".  The fabrics are from Hello Darling. CT-Down-South Down South Mini by She Quilts A Lot - Peta Peace.  I love this pattern and made a scrappy version for the Office Pillow Challenge.  Polka dots from Hometown Girl, the cool scallop print from Vintage Picnic and the diagonal stripe from Handmade are the fabrics for this 20" x 20" pillow. One big block... you knew this one was  coming.  Swoon. CT-Swoon-Sixteen Close.  Swoon Sixteen by Thimbleblossoms.  The fabrics?  Handmade stripe, Little Ruby dots and ditsy print - the pillow measures 20" x 20". CT-Figgy-Sunshine Mini Sunshine - made mini-er.  Nine blocks instead of the 12 in this Fig Tree & Co. pattern makes this pillow about 24" x 24" with the borders.  The fabrics are Hey Dot, Little Ruby, Handmade, and Hop, Skip & a Jump. CT-Lella-Bright-Side One Bright Side block is all that's needed for this pillow - pattern by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique.  The fabrics are Little Ruby.  This yummy pillow measures 24" x 24". A couple of things to mention about how we finished the pillows... they're quilted with batting and a plain white muslin backing.  When the front of the pillow is quilted, I prefer to then use a quilted pillow-back.  The backing fabrics for all the pillows are from the Linen Closet Basics - a 45" wide linen-cotton blend toweling-like fabric.  (It is quite wonderful, especially after it's been washed.) CT-Small-Pile-of-Pillows The pillows are finished with a zipper so they're easily removed for laundering. Because I wasn't entirely done with pillows... and there was this really cute Moda Home Christmas tea towel in the warehouse... I made this. CT-Tea-Towel-FeedSack-Pillow I did trim off the bottom of the tea towel so it wasn't quite so long.  The stitching on the seams-hems on the sides was removed and the hem pressed open to give me a little more room to work with, then the towel was trimmed to measure 16 1/2" x 19 1/2".  I used a solid red toweling for the side borders and machine-quilted it.  Rick-rack trim and it's done.  The finished pillow measures 20" x 24". A huge thank you to Sinta Borland, Darlene Johannis, Kristine Long and Judy Adams for making the pillow tops - mini quilts.  And thank you to Maggi Honeyman for quilting everything - fronts and backs.  This pillow-palooza would never have happened without you. Thank yous go to Sandy Klop - American Jane, Brigitte Heitland - Zen Chic and Pat Sloan for creating such great red fabrics.  And finally, thank you to Vanessa - Lella Boutique, Joanna - Fig Tree & Co., and Bonnie and Camille for the terrific patterns and of course, your red fabrics. That's it for today. Happy Tuesday! Save Save Save Save