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Winter Frost - Quilt Label

Winter Frost - Quilt Label

Written by: 
Mary Andra Holmes

We’re hoping you enjoyed making our blocks as much as we enjoyed sharing them with you. Wishing you good health and happiness in 2021.


This is the Quilt Label for the 2020 Countdown to Christmas - Winter Frost. For more info about this quilt-along, check out the Frequently Asked Questions and join our Moda Bake Shop Bakers group. Find all the blocks {here}.

Chef's Notes:

Suggestions for what to write on your petals - quilt maker, location, date made, recepient name, quote, quilt-along name, year. Any information you want someone to know about the maker 100 years from now!


4", 6", or 12" label


From background fabric, cut:
(1) 4½” square OR 6½” square OR 12½” square*

From fabric 1, cut:
{A} (6) petals from Petal Template
{B} (1) circle from Circle Template

From fabric 2, cut:
{A} (6) petals from Petal Template

*NOTE: Instead of cutting a background square, you can also applique the petals and center directly on to the back of the completed quilt.

Applique tools for preferred method

Permanent marking pen for adding text



Skip to step 2 if you plan to applique the pieces directly on the back of the finished quilt.

Note, background lines have been added as a guide to center petals or if you want to use for different background fabrics. If you are using one piece of background fabric I suggest you fold in half both directions and finger press to find center placement.

For a very scrappy label, you can make each quadrant have a different background fabric. For the 4" finished label, use (4) 2½" squares stitched together. For the 6" finished label, use (4) 3½" squares stitched together. For the 12" finished label, use (4) 6½" squares stitched together.


Cut petals from chosen fabrics. Add text if desired, being sure to stay well inside of the seam allowance.

You can appliqué three petals to each square than stitch four squares together or stitch all 12 petals together and center on background to appliqué in place (recommended method for adding the applique directly to the back of finished quilt).

Add center circle.

We hope you enjoyed making the quilt as much as all of us enjoy designing it and that you met a few new friends along the way.

Wishing you all good health and happiness!

Mary Andra Holmes


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