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Warm Evening Glow

Warm Evening Glow

Written by: 
Mary Andra Holmes

 I designed this block from a memory when we drove our young children around the neighborhood to see all the homes filled with Christmas decorations. My favorites were the simple ones. These homes had one to three electric lit candles in each window facing the street. As simple as they were, these home had such a warm, cozy, glow about them.



6" finished block (6 1/2" unfinished)


From Snow (9900 11), cut:
{A} (4) 1" x 6½" strips
{B} (2) 1¾” x 2½” rectangles
{C} (1) 1¾" x 2" rectangles

From Peacock (9900 216), cut:
{D} (2)  1¾” x 4¼” rectangles

From Country Red (9900 17), cut:
{E} (1) 2” x 5¼” rectangles

From Template F, cut:
{F} (3) flames from yellow/gold fabric OR use template to mark and embroider with yellow embroidery floss



Stitch background rectangles to the tops of the candle bases. Press. Sew 1” x 6½” background strips in between to create the candles. Press.


Use your favorite method of applique to add the flames. (See printer friendly version for template)

Alternatively, the flames can be stitched using a yellow embroidery floss. Use the template and non-permnent marking pen to transfer the design to your block. Outline using a simple stitch.
Completed block measures 6½” square unfinished.

Mary Andra Holmes




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