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Cozy Little Christmas FAQs

Cozy Little Christmas FAQs

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Lisa Calle

Trim the tree, hang the stockings, and wind the bobbins... there are only two more days until we begin our Countdown to Christmas.

Which fabrics are you using this year?

We've picked an assortment of Bella Solids - these are the same colors as the Cookie Tin assortment plus two pinks for a retro sparkle. You can see the list of colors below.


How much fabric do I need?

This year we are making two separate projects - one quilt with oversized 18" blocks and one smaller project using 6" blocks.

For the quilt, we recommend an assortment of  3½ yards for the blocks and 3 yards for sashing and borders to finish. If you choose to use one background fabric for blocks and sashing, you will want to have around 2 yards of that particular solid or print.

For the smaller project, we recommend an assortment of 1½ yards for the blocks plus ½ yard each of two coordinating prints or colors (think red and white).

Where can I find the patterns?

The patterns will be here on the Moda blog. You can find the link to them as new ones are shared each day by bookmarking and visiting the link here: Countdown to Christmas 2021.

If you would like to have the blog links emailed to you, subscribe to the newsletter.  

Please note that there will not be daily e-mail newsletters - only three will be sent, on the December 1, December 10, and December 31.

We will also share the patterns each day on our Moda Bake Shop social channels:

Moda Bake Shop Facebook page

Moda Bake Shop Bakers Facebook group

Moda Bake Shop Instagram

How do I sign up?

No need to sign up! Just follow along and join in the fun. The patterns are free and will live here on the blog for you to download long after the quilt-along ends.

Who designed the patterns?

Our amazing team of Chefs share their talent and holiday spirit each year to bring this quilt-along to you. One of the fun parts of quilting along, is exploring their blogs and social channels to meet new quilters and hear a little bit about their holiday plans.

Our 2021 Countdown to Christmas team includes:

Andrea Arledge, @andrea.arledge.designs

Anne Wiens, @sweetgrasscreativedesigns

Audrey Mann, @theclothparcel

Heather Long, @coffee_and_quilts

Jen Daly, @jendalyquilts

Jessica Dayon, @jessicadayon

Lisa Calle, @vintagemodernquilts

Mary Andra Holmes, @mahquilter

Megan McGuire, @megschoicepatterns

Mona Phelps, @mona.phelps

Nicola Dodd, @cakestandquilts

Oda May, @modabakeshop

Pam Mildren, @longarmquiltingbypam

Pam Rodgers, @quiltypam

What is the schedule?

Starting on December 1, we will post the first 18" block and then continue December 2 with our first 6" block. We will alternate between 18" and 6" blocks, sharing 12 of each size. We will also post a label and two setting options.

It's too busy to sew at Christmas! How can I join in later?

It is too busy! But it's also such a sweet joy to slow down and do something for yourself when you can carve out the time during what can often be an overwhelming time of year.  No matter how you feel, we have an option for you. Sew the big blocks if you have lots of time, sew the little blocks if you have a little time, and save the patterns to sew later if you just can't find any time.

How can I find out about corrections?

We try our best to get things right the first time, but mistakes do happen. The quickest way to know about corrections will be in the Moda Bake Shop Bakers group. Our biggest fans will be downloading and sewing the blocks as soon as we pull them out of our sewing oven! If there are corrections, we will make a comment on the blog post and update the PDF file. I recommend waiting to print the patterns until the end if you are sewing along at a later date - actually just a tree and just save the files on your computer. ;)

What if I don't want to use solids?

Pick fabric that speaks to you! This is your quilt and you should love it.

We can't wait to show off these patterns and most of all, to see what you make with them.

Counting down to December 1...

Find all Countdown to Christmas 2021 posts {HERE}.

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