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Summer in the Country: Summer Basket

Summer in the Country: Summer Basket

Written by: 
Nicola Dodd

Inspired by relaxing with friends on a lazy summer afternoon, porch swings, iced tea and laughter, Summer in the Country is here.  Using Back Porch by Me & My Sister Designs, this collection will be in shops in August.



12" finished block


From Fabric A, Cut:
(1) 3½” x 5” rectangle
(2) 3½” squares
(2) 3” squares
(2) 2” x 5” rectangles
(8) 2” x 3½” rectangles
(6) 2” squares

From Fabric B, Cut:
(1) 4” square
(20) 2” squares

From Fabric C, Cut:
(1) 4” square
(2) 3½” squares

From Fabric D, Cut:
(1) 5” square
(1) 3½” square
(1) 2” x 3½” rectangle


Step 1: Flower Stem

To make the fl ower stem, mark a diagonal line on the back of a 3” background square and place, right sides together, on one corner of a 3½” light blue
square. Stitch on the line, trim ¼” from the line and press open to make an easy corner triangle (ECT). Repeat on the opposite corner.


Step 2: Basket

Use the stem unit to make an Easy Corner Triangle (ECT) on one corner of the 5” Fabric D square, taking care with the placement. Push the seam away from the stem and press


Then join a 2” x 3½” bright blue piece to a 3½” background square and make an ECT with a 2” background square, taking care with the placement.



Assemble the basket by joining the three sections together, as shown


Step 3: Flying Geese

The petals are made with fl ying geese units. To make one unit, make an ECT with a 2” red square at one end of a 2” x 3½” background piece. Repeat at the other end. Make 8 flying geese.


Step 4: Half Square Triangles

The sepals are made with half square triangles. Mark a diagonal line on the back of a 4” Fabric C square, layer with a 4” Fabric B square and pin. Stitch ¼” away from each side of the line. Cut the units apart and press the seams open. Trim to 3½” square


Step 5: Flower Center

To make the centre of the fl ower make an ECT on the corner of a 3½” light blue square with a 2” red square. Press the seam open. Repeat on the three remaining corners


Step 6: Flower Assembly

Join fl ying geese, HSTs, and background pieces as shown to make the three flower units.



Join block units as shown. Trim block to 12½” unfinished size.


Nicola Dodd

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