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Stitch Pink Block 2

Stitch Pink Block 2

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

This is Block 2 of Stitch Pink - On The Rise.

Because... "we rise by lifting others."

CT Stitch Pink 2020 Block 2

Click here for the instructions - Block 2 - On The Rise

For more about this quilt, including some yardage information - We're Stitching Pink.

UPDATE re: Yardage amounts:  If you purchased fabric or a kit using the "old yardage amounts", you should have plenty of fabric.  When the yardage was calculated, we double- and triple-checked our numbers.  And then we rounded up.  But we heard from a few shops that they were upping the yardage in kits because they found the cutting to be "tight".  It's simple - cutting the fabrics block-by-block isn't the most efficient use of fabric.  So it is possible that a few of the pieces might be a bit tight.  If you do run short, the most you'll need will be a Fat Eighth, less than a Fat Quarter.  While some shops have sold out of the Stitch Pink Grunge fabrics, more is on the way!  

Questions.  There have been comments asking if there would be enough fabric if pieces are cut over-sized to trim down.  Yes, there should be.  What if you starch your fabric?  Again, there should be.   

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If you have Bloc-Loc Flying Geese rulers for 3" x 6" and 1-1/2" x 3" Finished size, cut the B, C, E and F squares larger - 1/4" for C and F, and 3/8" larger for B and E.  The Simple Folded Corner ruler also works here, especially if you over-size the small triangles.  (Cut the B and E squares at least 1/4" larger.)

There are two additional blocks to share today.  The first is from Greg Jones, he's quilting-along with us on Instagram - he's Greydogwoodstudio.

SP Block 2 Greg

And Bubble Gum Block 2.

SP Block 2 Bubble Gum

Be sure to take a peek at the Stitch Pink quilt-along on Facebook and Instagram - #ModaStitchPink.  And don't forget to share your blocks!

If you missed the instructions for Block 1, you can find it here - Underdog.

We'll be back tomorrow with Block 3 - yes, Saturday.