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Stitch Pink Block 1

Stitch Pink Block 1

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

Block 1 is Underdog.  

The title was inspired by lyrics in a favorite song, Alicia Keys' Underdog.

This goes out to the underdog
Keep on keeping at what you love
You'll find that someday soon enough
You will rise up, rise up, yeah..

CT Stitch Pink 2020 Block 1

Click here for pattern - Block 1 - Underdog

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There are a couple of things to share with this block. 

Piecing the quarter-triangle squares.  I like trimming to size so I cut the squares at 5-1/2" x 5-1/2".  I also like piecing them as shown in the pattern - cut the triangles and piece them that way.  Por quoi?  For whatever reason, it just works for me, and I like the process. 

SP Block 1 Trimming QTS 1

I also like "popping" the seam in the center - removing the stitches above the seam so that the center is open.  It makes the center so lovely and flat.

SP Block 1 Trimming QTS 2

This is where the 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" ruler is perfect.  Align the 2-1/4" lines on the center, and the diagonal line across the pieced QTS.  Then trim the unit square. 

Just so you know, when I have tips to share, the pictures will probably include some of my favorite tools, what works for me.  And I love Olfa Frosted rulers.  

Connector corners.  Aka folded corners.  Aka flip-and-sew.  There are probably a few other names that I don't know.  It's this piece.

SP Block 1 Connector Corner 

If you don't have an Antler Quilt Designs Simple Folded Corners ruler, this is a good time to consider trying it as there are several blocks in this sampler where I used it.  There are two sizes - Regular and Mini.  I like the Mini

With this ruler, the corners can be trimmed before stitching so it's just a matter of stitching with a scant 1/4" seam allowance.  The ruler also makes it possible to over-size the corner triangles so the finished-pieced unit can be trimmed to size.  And perfectly square.  For the corner squares of this block, instead of cutting 4 B-squares, I cut 2 squares - 3" x 3".  The squares were cut in half on the diagonal and attached to the trimmed corner of the background square.  They're just enough over-sized to allow me to square it up. 

I'm pretty sure the instructions specify cutting a bigger square but if you know me at all, following instructions isn't always my forte.  (I know... irony.)

SP Block 1 Bubble Gum

In late June, I started making scrappy "Bubble Gum" blocks using a stack of "pink" I stashed and bought for this project.  I made sixteen blocks and then... nada since then.  I'm hoping this QAL will give me a jumpstart, but with other projects... I have fingers crossed.  (I know you know how that goes, right?)  The background print is one of my favorites, it's from Corey Yoder's Apricot & Ash - #29106 22.  Apricot & Ash is in shops now. 

There's a quilt-along this month using #ModaStitchPink.  We hope you'll share your blocks using that hashtage on Facebook and Instagram

We'll be back tomorrow with Block 2.