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The Slopes at Christmas

The Slopes at Christmas

Written by: 
Pam Mildren



18" finished block (18 1/2" unfinished)


From Snow (9900 11), cut:
{A} (8) 4” squares
{B} (2) 2” x WOF strips
{C} (2) 1½” squares
{D} (2) 1½” X 3” rectangles
{H} (2) 3½” squares

From Peacock (9900 216), cut:

{A} (8) 4” squares

From Betty’s Pink (9900 120), cut:
{B} (2) 2” x WOF strips

From Christmas Green (9900 14), cut:
{G} (1) 1½" square

From Ruby Ice (9900 169)*, cut:
{E} (2) 1½" x 6½" rectangle
{F} (1) 3½" x 6½" rectangle

*The tree shown uses 3 different shades of green: Betty’s Green, Green, and Ruby Ice.



Draw a diagonal line on the 1½” and 3½” squares On each side of the 1½” x 6½” and the 3½” x 6½” rectangles, place a background square in the corner. Stitch from the bottom corners to the top center to achieve the tree effect. Press, and trim to a ¼” seam allowance.


Stitch together the tree base using the 1½” X 3” and the 1½” square trunk. Press to the trunk. Lay out all 4 rows, stitch together and press.


Tree block measures 6½” square.


Make 16 - 4-Patch Units:
Stitch the pink and white 2” X WOF together, press to the red. Sub cut into 32 – 2” X 4”. Place units opposing colors, right sides together, stitch & press.
Square up each unit to 3½” square as needed.



Make 16 Half Square Triangle Units:
Draw a diagonal line on the background 4” X 4”.
Place the background and blue 4” X 4” right sides together, stitch ¼” on each side of the diagonal line.
Cut on the diagonal line, press to the blue. Square up each block unit to 3 ½” X 3 ½”


Construct the Hour Glass:
The hourglass blocks have 2 different layouts
The top row one of the HST units are flipped in the block (one HST blue is facing in rather that out)
The remaining 6 blocks are all the same (HST the blue is in opposite corners of the block)



Layout the hourglass and your tree blocks following the block picture. Join the blocks into rows. Press. Trim to 18 ½” X 18 ½”


Pam Mildren




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