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Mom's Sweater

Mom's Sweater

Written by: 
Lisa Calle

The Christmas parties of my childhood were filled with cookie swaps, sparkling cider, glistening lights, and everyone dressed for the season. Mom's Sweater finishes at 18" square.

Please read the INFORMATION at the bottom for participating in this year's Moda Bake Shop Countdown to Christmas.

This block uses many small pieces to create the snowflake center. Starch and press your fabrics BEFORE cutting to help ensure accuracy. Use a sharp rotary cutter and take your time with the small pieces.



18" finished block (18 1/2" unfinished)


From Snow (9900 11), cut:
[A] (2) 2½” x 12½” rectangles
[C] (1) 6” square
[L] (2) 2” x 6½” rectangles

From Dill (9900 77), cut:
[B] (7) 2½” squares
[C] (1) 6” square
[D] (2) 3½” x 10” rectangles
[F] (1) 4½” x 8½” rectangle
[H] (1) 3” x 8½” rectangle
[ I] (20) 1½” squares
[J] (8) 2” squares

From Betty’s Pink (9900 120), cut:
[E] (2) 1½” x 3½” rectangles
[G] (1) 1½” x 8½” rectangles
[L] (1) 2” x 6½” rectangles

From Bubble Gum (9900 88), cut:
[E] (2) 1½” x 3½” rectangles
[G] (1) 1½” x 8½” rectangles

From Peacock (9900 216), cut:
[I] (4) 1½” squares

From Green (9900 65), cut:
[J] (4) 2” squares

From Ruby Ice (9900 169), cut:
[I] (4) 1½” squares
[K] (4) 1½” x 2½” rectangles

[J] (4) 2” squares



Use the Easy Corner Triangles (ECT) method: Mark a pencil line along the diagonal of each green B square. Align with the top of one A strip. Sew on the marked line. Trim ¼” away from marked line. Press.


Repeat with remaining A and B pieces on the opposite side to create a mirror of the first unit.

Make Half Square Triangles (HSTs): Mark a pencil line on the diagonal of the wrong side of background 6” square. Align right sides together with green 6” square. Sew ¼” away from each side of the pencil line. Cut apart on the line. Press to the darker fabric. Trim each resulting Half Square Triangle (HST) unit to 5½”.


Join ECT and HST units with E cuff pieces to create the left and right sleeves of your sweater.



Make HSTs as described above using combinations of J squares as shown. Make 8 HSTs of each color pairing.Take your time piecing and press carefully to avoid distorting the pieces. Starch and trim each HST unit to 1½” square.


Join HST units with 1½” squares to create snowflake corners. Press well and use starch. Make 4 corner units.


Make Flying Geese: Mark a pencil line on the diagonal of the wrong side of green I squares. Align with the corner of light blue rectangle. Sew on the marked line. Trim ¼” away from the sewn line. Press open. Repeat on the opposite side.


Make 4 flying geese units.

Join snowflake corners, flying geese and green B square to create the snowflake block. This block should measure 8½” square unfinished.



Join snowflake block with remaining sweater pieces as shown. Press well.



Join remaining block pieces with the units created in previous steps to complete the block. Press well and trim to 18½” square.


Lisa Calle




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