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Chatsworth Quilt-Along: Blocks 5 and 6

Chatsworth Quilt-Along: Blocks 5 and 6

Written by: 
Doug Leko


Hello and welcome back to the Chatsworth Quilt-Along!

Can you believe we are half way through the Chatsworth quilt this month? Are you keeping up? Have you started yet? Has life gotten in the way and you are a little behind? Wherever you are at in the quilt, don’t stress about keeping up or working ahead. These blog post won’t be deleted, so you can use them as a reference whenever you are ready for them. 


Month 5


To me this was the most difficult block in the quilt. I really took my time, trimmed all my pieces carefully, and pressed every seam open. Be sure to check out my Block 5 video:


Doug’s Tips:

  • Pay close attention when laying out the block so that your units are placed correctly -- I had to rip once or twice. :) 

  • I also used my Mini Simple folded Corners Ruler for this block. It sure helps with my Step 1 units. 


Chatsworth is just as stunning in solids as it is in prints! In my blog posts each month, I'll be sharing blocks made with a modern Southwest palette of sand, stone, turquoise, earth, and charcoal shades of Moda Bella Solids. Here's block 5:


Month 6


This block is my favorite of the whole quilt! I always love a good Star quilt block, but I also love a good pinwheel quilt block too. Be sure to check out my Block 6 video for more tips and tricks!


Doug's Tip: 

  • When cutting C pieces, you’ll only need 1 triangle from each print. You can cut the whole square like it says to do and have 3 extra triangles, or you can carefully just cut 1 triangle C from each print.


Here's my block 6 in solids:


That’s it for Months 5 & 6! See you back here April 25 for Blocks 7 & 8.

Join our Chatsworth Facebook Group, where you can post pictures, ask questions, and see everyone else’s progress on their quilts. I can’t wait to see the fabric you use! 


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