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Chatsworth Quilt-Along: Blocks 3 and 4

Chatsworth Quilt-Along: Blocks 3 and 4

Written by: 
Doug Leko


Hello and welcome back to the Chatsworth Quilt-Along!

Were you able to get started last month? Did you complete Months 1 and 2? Well, I’m excited to be back with Months 3 and 4 today. There is still time to join and get caught up!


Month 3


Grab four new and different assorted prints for this block. You can follow the directions for the folded corners in the pattern as it's written for a traditional piecing method, or you can try using my Simple Folded Corners Ruler (either size will work). I show you how to use it in the video below. 




Doug’s Tip:

  • If you press your seams to one side, follow the pressing arrows given in each step. Yes, sometimes I do have you press to the light fabric -- I find that it eliminates the bulk in the seam allowance. 


Chatsworth is just as stunning in solids as it is in prints! In my blog posts each month, I'll be sharing blocks made with a modern Southwest palette of sand, stone, turquoise, earth, and charcoal shades of Moda Bella Solids. Here's block 3:


Month 4


Again with this block, you’ll want to use four new and different assorted prints than you used in any blocks before. Block 4 will have us practicing our partial seam technique. Be sure to watch the video for Block 4 below for the pivot technique I use for partial seams as it helps eliminate the the stress of starting and stopping on the partial seams.



Doug's Tip: 

  • Use the Foundation Paper again from It's Sew Emma, pictured below. It truly helps with making square-in-a-square units! 


Here's my block 4 in solids:

That’s it for Months 3 & 4! See you back here March 28 for Blocks 5 & 6.

Join our Chatsworth Facebook Group, where you can post pictures, ask questions, and see everyone else’s progress on their quilts. I can’t wait to see the fabric you use! 


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