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BH4 - Block 2

BH4 - Block 2

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

You'll have to read the Block 2 instructions to learn the origin of the name.

CT BH4 Jenelle Kent Cooee - Mixed Blocks

Cooee by Jenelle Kent of Pieces to Treasure is Block 2 for Blockheads.

The instructions for this block can be found on Jenelle's blog - Pieces to Treasure.

(The block instructions are also linked below, and in the Blockheads 4 Archive.)

We also have a few things to share, a quick-tip for cutting stitched half-triangle squares apart, a list of the Designers for Blockheads 4, and the first of a couple of layout options.  

CT BH4 Jenelle Kent Cooee - Fabrics

Jenelle's fabric pull mixes towelings from her Lakeside Toweling collection and quilting cottons from Sweetfire Road's Midnight In The Garden.  Isn't this gorgeous?

CT BH4 Jenelle Kent Cooee - 9" Block

Jenelle's 9" finished Cooee blocks.  

CT BH4 Jenelle Kent Cooee - Small Block

The bitty Cooee blocks - 4½" finished.  You'll probably want to make a few extra small blocks...

CT BH4 Jenelle Kent Cooee - Mixed Pillows

Jenelle loves making pillows with her toweling, she decorates her home with them, switching out covers with the seasons.  If you're not familiar with Jenelle's Moda toweling, it mixes well with quilting cottons, and it's very soft.  

CT BH4 Jenelle Kent Cooee - 9" Pillow

A square pillow made with one 9" finished block.  Did I mention that Jenelle is sharing the patterns for these pillows too?  

The pillow pattern can be found here - Pieces to Treasure Blog

BH4 Block 2 - Cooee Block Instructions

A cool tip to share!  Whether you're making half-triangle squares to size, or making them larger, Moda Tammy has a terrific way quickly cutting the squares apart.  (This is especially good when there are a lot of them!)

Stack the half-triangle squares as shown with the corner points of the squares - or the drawn line - placed on a line of the cutting mat as shown. 

CT BH4 Jenelle Cooee - Tammy Tip for HTSs 1

As the squares are stacked, you'll be able to see the line on the cutting mat to keep them straight.  Place the ruler on the line you've used as the guide and cut.

CT BH4 Jenelle Cooee - Tammy Tip for HTSs 2

Voilà!  Practice with just a couple of squares until you get the hang of it, then you'll be off and running.  (We know that Tammy stacks more than four squares when she's sewing at home.)

CT BH4 Jenelle Kent Cooke - Tammy Sincerely

Tammy's Cooee blocks made with Sincerely Yours by Sherri & Chelsi.

Blockheads 4 Designers!  We promised to share the list of the Moda Blockheads for Round 4.  Because this is a mystery, and we need to have a few surprises, the list is not in order.

CT BH4 Jenelle Kent Cooke - Sherri McConnell

Sherri's Cooee blocks made with Sherri & Chelsi's coming-this-Fall collection, Emma.

CT BH4 Jenelle Kent Cooke - Robin Pickens

Robin mixed several shades of pink from her Thatched collection with a print from Abby Rose.

CT BH4 Jenelle Kent Cooke - Jan Patek

Jan's block made with prints mixed from recent collections.

To save a PDF of this list - BH4 Designer List and Blogs

I didn't forget, the first of several layout options we have to share.  This uses thirty-six (36) 9" finished blocks in a straight setting with sashing.  The quilt top finishes at 67½" x 67½".

BH4 Basic Layout for 9" Blocks with Sashing

If you're on social media, be sure to check out #modablockheads to see the blocks everyone is making.  

Moda's Blockheads Facebook Group is also excited, and there are so many beautiful fabric pulls to see - Moda Blockheads Facebook Group.

To keep track of all the blog posts, Designer setting options, and other Blockheads-related posts, the best resource is - Blockheads 4 Archive.

And that's it.  Week 2.  Block 2.  

Do you know what Cooee means yet?

We'll see you next week.