BH3 - Layout Option 2

BH3 - Layout Option 2

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Carrie Nelson

Have you settled on a plan?  Or are you still considering options? 

I know, that's a terrible question, we're only on Block 2.  But there are so many choices! 

BH3 Block 1 Natalie Crabtree

Isn't this beautiful?  This is Natalie's Star Crossed block, she used Betsy Chutchian's fabrics to make Corey's block.  It's 12" finished.  If you remember, Natalie is the pattern writer and layout creator for Block Heads 3.

If you love small blocks but want to leave your options open for those blocks with many, many tiny pieces, Layout Option 2 might be one to consider.  It's made with 14 - 12" blocks and 44 - 6" blocks.  (Yes, that's 58 blocks so two duplicates or extras will be needed.  I'm thinking a nine-patch and a four-patch...)

BH3 Layout 2

This is BH3 Layout Option 2.

As before, the layouts are complete with instructions on how many blocks you need of each size, additional yardage and assembly instructions. 

In case you missed any of the Moda Designers yesterday, here's the list of Block Heads for Round 3:

If you missed it - BH3 Layout Option 1.

We're back soon with more layouts - and 54 more Block Heads 3 blocks!

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