BH3 - Layout Option 1

BH3 - Layout Option 1

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Carrie Nelson

One of the best things about Block Heads 3 is that all of the blocks can be made in different sizes.  If you like big blocks and you want a big quilt, then 56 12"-blocks will make a quilt that finishes at 84" x 96" without sashings or borders.  It's almost as easy if tiny pieces is your preference and you're not making anything that's over 6" finished. 

But while each block will be terrific in any size, I think it's safe to say that a few might be a bit "challenging" at 6".  Others will just be more cute, more wonderful made as tiny as possible.

So if "mixing it up" is your modus operandi, a plan helps.  So we're sharing layout options!

This is Layout 1 and it has two options. 

Designed by Natalie Crabtree, these layouts will come with instructions on how many blocks you need of each size, additional yardage and assembly instructions.  You'll have to decide which blocks to make in each of the sizes. 

Just so you know, Natalie also wrote this year's Block Heads patterns.  In addition to being a great pattern-writer, she's also a talented quilt designer. 

Block Heads 3 Layout 1

We'll be back with more layouts soon. 

In case you missed any of the Moda Designers on Wednesday, here's the list of Block Heads for Round 3:

Have a good weekend - Block 2 is coming next week!

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