BH3 Block 40 - Strings

BH3 Block 40 - Strings

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Carrie Nelson

Fall Quilt Market 2020 would have begun next Saturday, October 24.  This is one of the faces we'll really, really miss seeing.

CT BH3 Janet Clare Block 40 Strings

Janet Clare.  And Tony, aka The Chief of Everything.  Janet and Tony were always so much fun at the Moda Customer Appreciation Party because it is often a Costume Party, and they really go "all out".  They're also just lovely.  

That's also Janet's Block Heads 3 Block for Round 3.  It's called Strings, and it can be made to all four sizes - 4", 6", 8" and 12" finished.  The instructions for the block can be found here - Janet Clare Blog.

Janet has a beautiful new collection heading to shops this week, it's called The Blues.  This is one of the quilts she designed for the collection.

CT The Blues Janet Clare Blue Bird

This is Blue Bird.  It measures 76" x 76" and it is a Moda Kit - No. 16900.  (The pattern is JC215.)

CT BH3 Janet Clare Block 38

Fractured Rainbow - Block 38.

Most of the Block Heads pictures Janet shares are of the "growing quilt" on her design wall. 

CT BH3 Janet Clare Blocks

The blocks are being made with Janet's Geometry collection, it's in shops now. 

One of the things Janet shares in classes and on her social media are the bits and pieces she makes, to experiment, to warm up, and just because.  Many are pinned to a board for inspiration.

CT BH3 Janet Clare Inspiration Board

This makes me happy.  I suspect that the "penguin expert" is one of her boys, that this is one of her small thread-painting exercises.  I also love the "Time to Drink Champagne and Dance On The Table" card.  (While I don't recall her ever doing that at a Moda Party, this is evidence that she would.)

Again, the instructions for Strings can be found on Janet's blog - Janet Clare Blog.

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There's also a Block Heads 2 Archive. 

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Have a good Wednesday and stay well.

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