BH3 Block 39 - Mad About Plaid

BH3 Block 39 - Mad About Plaid

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Carrie Nelson

When Moda partnered with Spoonflower for a Fabri8 Design Contest in 2015, the goal was to expand the awareness of both companies, and to maybe find an as-yet, undiscovered talent.  With Robin Pickens, Moda found gold.  A diamond.  

The collection she submitted was titled Romance Poppies, and it became the foundation for the glorious Poppy Mae, released in November of 2016.  

CT Robin Poppy Mae

In a few weeks, Robin will debut her eleventh collection with Moda.  It's hard to say that each one is better than the one before, because they're all spectacular.  

What is clear in looking at her body of work is that Robin is an artist.  From her extraordinary sense of color to the indviduality of the drawings that become fabric, her work is distinctive, and it speaks to who she is.  Isn't art supposed to be personal?  

While Robin's fabrics are all about flowers, today she's Mad About Plaid.  

CT BH3 Robin Block 39 Print

This is Block Heads 3, Block 39 - Mad About Plaid.  It can be made to all four sizes - 4", 6", 8" and 12" finished.  The instructions for the block can be found here - Robin Pickens Block 39.

If you read any of these Block Heads' posts, you know that I like to share the other blocks that the week's designer has made.  Here, I would share Robin's blocks.  They're wonderful.  Beautiful.  You can see them here - Robin Pickens Blog

But what I look forward to most each week are Robin's Color Studies.  She takes each block, and using a limited color palette, she colors the block using variations in shading, value placement, and accent colors.  Each would make a spectacular quilt or project. 

CT BH3 Block 39 Color Study Robin

This is the Color Study for Mad About Plaid.  Isn't it amazing?  So today, instead of blocks, here are more of Robin's recent Color Studies for Block Heads 3.

CT Robin CS Block 38

Fractured Rainbow - Block 38.

CT Robin CS Block 36

No. 36 - Broken Dishes.

CT Robin CS Block 35

Block 35 - Coming Together.

CT Robin CS Block 34

Block 24 - Fulfillment.

CT Robin CS Block 31

Block 31 - Basket Collector.

CT Robin CS Block 28

Block 28 - Broken Dishes.  (Yes, we have two blocks by that name.  There are a lot of variations.)

Again, the instructions for Mad About Plaid can be found on Robin's blog - Robin Pickens Block 39.

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