BH3 Block 32 - Beeskep & Flower

BH3 Block 32 - Beeskep & Flower

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Carrie Nelson

Jan Patek is one of my favorite quilters, and one of my favorite people.  For her, making quilts isn't about being a "famous quilter", and hanging on social media isn't about how many followers you have.  It's about being part of a community of like-minded makers. 

BH3 Block 32 Jan's Block

Since the quilts we choose to make reflect a big part of who we are, tell a part of our story, Jan's blocks always include elements that speak to her heart.  Beeskep and Flower is proof of that - it's Block 32. 

The block can be made in four sizes - 4", 6", 8" and 12" finished, and the instructions can be found on her blog - Jan Patek Quilts

CT BH3 Block 28 Jan

Broken Dishes - Block No. 28

CT BH3 Block 27 Jan

Jan's version of The Proposal - Jen's Block 27.

CT BH3 Block 18 Jan

Bird & Urn - Jan's Block 18.

CT BH3 Jan Multiple Blocks

More of Jan's blocks - clockwise from upper-left:

And just in case... the instructions for Beeskep and Flower can be found on Jan's blog - Jan Patek Quilts.

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Have a good Wednesday and stay safe.

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