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BH3 Block 27 - The Proposal

BH3 Block 27 - The Proposal

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Carrie Nelson

This is Block Heads 3 Block 27 - The Proposal.  This block is also one of those wonderful, serendipitous bits of perfect timing. 

BH3 Block 27 The Proposal Jen Kingwell

It's from Jen Kingwell and the story of why this block of Jen's is perfect for today, July 15.  Read about it here - Jen Kingwell.

Jen's block can be made in four sizes - 4", 6", 8" and 12" finished.  Yes, it is paper-pieced.  But that makes it a nice change, a bit of a challenge.  (I like paper-piecing!). The instructions and paper foundations can be found on Jen's blog

CT Jen Kingwell Lollies

Jen used some of her Lollies to make The Proposal.  If you're not familiar with the Lollies, the 44" width of fabric is printed with eight stripes separated by a printed line of stitching.  (Shown in the picture above.). The stripes are about 5.25" wide, and the stitching line is about .25" wide.  The beauty - and genius! - of the Lollies is that they're a fast, easy way to get a very scrappy assortment of prints and colors.  The prints have a funky, vintage-inspired feel, and there is a mix of medium and small scale, multi-color and two-color, geometrics and squiggles.  And polka dots.

I love Jen's Lollies.  A lot. 

CT Jen Kingwell Cotter

The awesome scrappiness of Jen's spectacular Cotter quilt is achieved with the variety provided by Lollies.

There are three Lollies prints in Jen's coming-in-November Winkipop collection.

CT Jen Kingwell Winkipop

The colors are a bit muted next to several of Jen's previous collections, but they mix together beautifully.  (Really.)

CT Jen Kingwell Winkipop Antique Stars

This is the Winkipop version of Antique Stars from Jen's book, Jen From One Block.  Book now.  Fabric in November.  (I know, waiting is hard.)

Just in case, the instructions and paper-piecing foundations for The Proposal can be found on Jen's blog - Jen Kingwell.

And if you need the instructions for any other blocks - Block Heads 3 Archive.  (It is updated every Wednesday and Friday.)

Be sure to check out what the other Block Heads are sharing - there are sure to be a few tips and variations:

Be sure to check out the Block Heads Facebook Group and look for Block Heads 3 on Instagram - #modablockheads and #modablockheads3.

Have a terrific Wednesday and stay safe.

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