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BH3 Block 16 - Dream

BH3 Block 16 - Dream

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

Good morning!  

Life is but a Dream... 
It's what you make it...
Always try to give
Don't ever take it.,..
Life has its music...
Life has it's songs...

The only thing missing is a "sha-boop, sha-boop".  

BH3 Sherri McConnell Balboa Hexies

These hexies were made by Sherri for a new quilt made with Balboa, her coming-in-September collection with her daughter, Chelsi.

Sherri is the designer of this week's block - Dream.

BH3 Block 16 Dream Sherri McConnell

Dream can be made in four sizes - 4", 6", 8" and 12" finished.  The instructions can be found here - A Quilting Life.

Sherri & Chelsi have been sharing a new collection lately - it's showing to shops now, arriving there in September.  This is Balboa.

BH3 Sherri McConnell Balboa

Isn't this beautiful?

If you missed it, the instructions for Dream can be found here - Quilting Life.

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It's Wednesday.  It's a good day to Dream. 

Stay safe.