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Spooky Sew Along- Week 4

Spooky Sew Along- Week 4

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Hi, Everyone!  Welcome to Week 4 of the Spooky Sew Along!  I'm Jessica Dayon and I'm here to walk you through this QAL!  Here in Week 4, we will be working on Round 4 & Border 4 of our quilt!

NOTE: This is a post in a series of quilt-along posts. To see all of the posts, go {here}.

In case you are just joining in, you can find the schedule below along with the linked posts for the ones that have already been posted.

Here is the schedule we will be following-

Tuesday, September 24th- Round 1, Border 1- Read this Post Here

Tuesday, October 1st- Round 2, Border 2- Read this Post Here

Tuesday, October 8th- Round 3, Border 3- Read this Post Here

Tuesday, October 15th (today)- Round 4, Border 4

Tuesday, October 22nd- Round 5, Borders 5 & 6

Here are the links to the posts of the original QAL that you will need for Week 4-

Round 4- Path A- Goose Grove

Round 4- Path B- Arrowhead Lake

Cornerstone Option- Bow Tie Bridge

Border 4

I am making the Goose Grove Path.  I am not adding in the cornerstones so we are making a total of 96 flying geese.

If you'd like to make the exact quilt that I am making, I have a detailed schedule with all of the steps broken down for this week to make Goose Grove-

Tuesday- Cut out the pieces needed for 96 flying geese.

Wednesday- Sew one side of the flying geese unit on all of the geese.  Trim the excess seam allowance.  Press.

Thursday- Sew the other side of the flying geese unit on all of the geese.  Trim the excess seam allowance.  Press.

Friday- Sew the geese into rows. Make two rows of 22 and two rows of 26 geese.

Saturday- Sew the geese onto the medallion

Sunday- Add Border 4

Monday- Extra day if you need to catch up!

Feel free to follow your own schedule, group days together and work on more each day if you have longer periods of time, or adapt this any schedule to fit your needs.  I find when I give myself specific tasks each day for a quilt (or quilts), I get more finished quicker because I know exactly what I want to work on and I can just get right to it.

Your medallion up to Border 4 should measure 55 1/2" x 55 1/2".


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