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Blockheads ~ Block 15

Blockheads ~ Block 15

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Fabulous Fifteen!

This week - Jo Morton is sharing one of my favorite blocks, the T-block.  Why is it my favorite?  It's got flying geese and half-triangle squares!  It's also a block that allows for a lot of variation just by changing color and value placement.

It also has flying geese and half-triangle squares.

That's Tammy's block - it's made with pieces from Gooseberry Lane by Kansas Troubles, Coral Bells by Jan Patek and a background from Miniature Gatherings Backgrounds by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.  (Tammy and I agree - if you love little blocks and pieces, this was one of the best background collections... ever.)

This is my blue Reproduction version - Snowberry by 3 Sisters and Alice's Scrapbag by Barbara Brackman.  (Yes, I need to fix that point at the top.)

CLICK HERE for the link to Jo's Block 15 - T-Block.

Just by changing around the placement of prints, the look of the block is different.  As before, the fabrics are from the Farmhouse and Chestnut Street collections by Fig Tree & Co.

Question of the Week ~ Is there a quilter whose work always inspires you?   

Other than the five Blockhead ladies - Lynne, Lisa, Betsy, Jan and Jo, of course.

The quilters who always inspire me are those whose work is fearlessly, unapologetically, distinctly them.  Their work might change but it's an evolution or a desire to experiment rather than following any trend.  They inspire other quilters, sometimes a little too much.  (That's as nicely as I can put that so we'll leave it there.)

Gwen Marston.

While Gwen Marston is probably best known now for her extraordinary quilts made with solids, she's explored every possible manner of fabric and style with her quilts.  This is Basket Quilt - it is one of the many included in the beautiful book A Common Thread.

Red Squares - improvisational quilting at it's best.  Quilts are a color studies created based on mood, a desire to play or experiment, or just because.

Gwen was once asked if she had a favorite color and she said she didn't... but when she looked at her many, many quilts and the things she surrounded herself with, she realized it was red.  Definitely red.

Freddy Moran.

This is Freddy's The Little House in The Big Woods, inspired by a visit to Gwen Marston's home.

This is Freddy in front of her Little Houses on Point Quilt.

Freddy published several books, Freddy's House (1999), Collaborative Quilting with Gwen Marston (2006) and Freddy & Gwen Collaborate Again (2009).

Laurie Simpson.

This is Laurie's all blue - all Minick & Simpson blue - version of Austin Bluebird.  If you haven't already seen it, Laurie has a new book, Blue & White.  It's a beautiful book that showcases Laurie's quilts and Polly's rugs, all done in blue and white.

Polka Dot Garden - hand-appliquéd and hand-quilted, this quilt is absolutely spectacular in person.

Laurie and Lissa Alexander at Quilt Market - circa Minneapolis, May 2015.  Lissa loves everything Laurie makes too.

Sue Garman.

As a NASA engineer, Sue Garman knew all about precision, drafting and striving for exceptional work.  This is her Lily Rosenberry quilt, it's one of my favorites.

This is Sue in front of her Twirly Balls and Pinwheels quilt.  Sue Garman passed away in January of this year but her generous heart and spectacular quilts will live on.

Kim McClean of Australia.

This is Kim's glorious Roseville quilt.

I know... for someone who doesn't do much appliqué, I've sure shown quite a few of them.

There are so many others - Barb and Alma of Blackbird Designs, Gerri Kimmel-Carr, Linda Brannock and Jan Patek, Victoria Gertenbach of the Silly BooDilly, Sue Spargo, Yoko Saito and Suzuko Koseki.  And the list goes on and on.

Just in case you missed it - CLICK HERE to get the link to Block 15 - Jo's T-Block.

Did I mention that it has flying geese and half-triangle squares?

That's it for today, June 14.  Be sure to visit Lynne, Betsy, Jan and Lisa to see their blocks and what other good things they might have made:

Be sure to see the blocks being posted to #modablockheads on Instagram and Facebook. If you're not already a member, you can also join the fun in the Moda Blockheads Facebook group.  It's a busy group with folks sharing tips, suggestions and support.

Happy Blockhead Wednesday!