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Not the sewing kind, more the "it's a synonym for potpourri" kind of patchwork.  As in, there are all sorts of little things to share today.

The Moda Bella Challenge.  Have you heard about it?

It debuted with shops on February 1st and will run until September 12th.  What is it?  Moda Fabrics is challenging all quilters who are inspired by a love of fabric and color to create a quilt using these 12 Bella Solids.

Here are the specifics:

  • The quilt must use all 12 of these Bella Solids – and only these Bella Solids.
  • The quilt should have a contemporary feel.  An art quilt?  That will work.  A modern pieced quilt?  That works too.
  • Any type of technique can be used – piecing, appliqué, quilting, embroidery, surface embellishment, etc.
  • Quilts must be an original design.
  • Quilts must measure 72″ wide x 90″ long finished size and they must be quilted.  (Quilt tops will not be judged.)
  • A label with the name, address and contact information of the Maker and the Quilter – if different – must be on the back of the quilt.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries – or to the number of entries from each quilter.
  • International entries will be accepted.

The deadline for entries is Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

The colors are:

  • White - 9900 98
  • Betty's Red - 9900 123
  • Mango - 9900 222
  • Purple - 9900 21
  • Summer House Lime - 9900 173
  • Amelia Blue - 9900 167
  • Graphite - 9900 202
  • Smoke - 9900 316
  • Yellow - 9900 24
  • Silver - 9900 183
  • Lead - 9900 283
  • Black - 9900 99

Monopoly!  Did you hear that the Hasbro folks are doing away with the Thimble token?  We stitchy-types been dumped - possibly for a fuzzy slipper?!

These were the "old" tokens dating back to 1946.  A few years ago, a vote was held and the Iron was replaced with a Cat.

The cat-people surely demanded equal representation since there was that little Scottie.  Personally, I'd have voted for doing away with the cannon.  Who uses those anymore?

The Thimble will be replaced by one of these tokens - to be announced some time next month.

I know which one Debbie Duckworth - aka Ducky - voted for, and Mr. Dunn definitely voted for the Race Car.  That Television - how outdated is that?  And they dumped the Thimble for that Watch?  Don't most of us wear a FitBit or Apple Watch these days?

It goes without saying that I am boycotting Monopoly!  (Not that I've played much lately anyway...)

On to my next piece of patchwork...

New books!  There are several that everyone in the office has been reading/bookmarking/poring over the past week - these are my favorites.

Charm School by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique.

This is First Crush - it was made with 3 Charm Packs of Vanessa's Gooseberry collection.

Love Letter - isn't that just the perfect name for this quilt?  It's made with 3 Charm Packs of Miss Scarlet by Minick & Simpson.

Did you love Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg - aka Crazy Mom Quilts - and Cheryl Arkison?  I did.  It's one of my favorite books - their approach to making scrap quilts is quite wonderful.

No Scrap Left Behind is Amanda's book and I love every quilt in the book.  Whatever your preferred style of fabric and color palette, the thought-process, quilts and scrap-attitude of this book makes it quite wonderful.

Lucky Charm Quilts - Book 4 by the Moda All-Stars.  It will be available Wednesday - March 1st.  Every project is made with one, two or three charm packs - and some use a bit of extra yardage.  From table-runners to lap-sized quilts, the book also comes with tips and tricks to help you use up your huge stash of charm packs.  (Or maybe it's just me who stashes those like a squirrel stores nuts...)

(I know you'll ask so All In A Row - Scraps Made Simple - Mini Marvels.)

And finally... Zen Chic Inspired.  I know I've mentioned this book before but with QuiltCon this weekend - it started yesterday, February 23rd - there's an additional reason why I'm mentioning it again.

Brigitte Heitland - aka Zen Chic - will be in the Moda Bake Shop booth - Booth No. 523 - demonstrating how to create color palettes using photographs of your home (or someone else's), decor items, landscapes, still images... basically, any picture where you love the color story.

Since not everybody is going to be there, we're going to share two copies of Brigitte's book.  Leave a comment by Midnight on Sunday - February 26th - telling us if you've ever been to QuiltCon or any other big quilt show.  Which ones have you been to - and why did you go?

You might also win one of these Zen Chic Bella Bundles...

You could use it to make this - Sweden!

Brigitte really does have a gift for color, doesn't she?

Happy Friday!