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I'm thinking in threes...

I'm thinking in threes...

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Are you a creature of habit?  Do you do things that seem odd to others but make total sense to you?

I buy pairs of things - two packages of rotary cutting blades, two packages of needles, and so on.  One for now and one for the next time I need it.  Makes sense, right?  Except that having recently moved, I found all those "extras" I had put away and then either couldn't find or forgot about when I needed them.

Did you sew this weekend?

I did!


After reading Barbara Brackman's post the other day about Turkey Reds, I decided I wanted to sew-along and make 6" Sawtooth Stars.  I thought about making one star a week, then decided I should make three to catch up for the weeks I'd missed.  Then I decided to make two a week so I could have hundred stars at the end of the year, enough for a nice-sized scrappy star quilt.  Perfect!

So I pressed and cut enough pieces for about thirty blocks.  I intended to make two stars.  No, six would be better, that would catch me up.  I made fourteen.  I'm going to try to keep up with the two-a-week plan because I think it's safe to assume that it won't be long before I'll be busy getting ready for that Market-thing.

I also cut into those Mix It Up Monday pink fat quarters.


I love these X-Plus blocks and since I'm one of seven quilters who hasn't made this yet, I decided to cut strips and pieces.  Coincidentally, I've made three blocks so far.  I think I'm going to make 36 blocks for a 60" x 60" quilt - the blocks finish at 10" x 10".

And because there's just something about a new rotary cutting blade that makes a girl want to keep cutting... I cut strips for one other "on my list" quilt.


I'm going to need more fabric - more pink, yellow and orange.  And backgrounds.

So three projects started - and no, I didn't get my Snapshots block done.  I got the pattern and... that's as far as I got.  I'll do better next weekend.

The last "three" is an easy one.  Three tote bags - three winners.  One of the sweet ladies in the office provided the random-I-don't-know-any-of-these-people-selection service.

Elaine Cartney - who was making a baby quilt for her "coming any day" first grandchild.  (Congratulations!)

Lisa G - in Australia who wanted to know if we'd ship a bag!  (Absolutely!)

Nicole C - Going to a quilt retreat in Utah.  (And we did! We did!)

Ladies, if you'll check your e-mail boxes, there's an e-mail waiting for you.

As for the rest of my Monday... I'm not sure what or where I'll be.  The existing furniture is being removed and built-in cabinets are "supposed" to be installed tomorrow.  That means there isn't any place for the computer.  Or for anything else.

Stay tuned...

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