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Differences in Internet Browsers

Differences in Internet Browsers

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On one hand, browsing websites can be educational, fun and entertaining. While on the other hand, browsing certain websites can be frustrating and difficult. The cause can be from various different reasons, however one of those can easily be ruled out by trying out different Internet Browsers.

There are many different browsers available and best of all they are all free to download and use.  Some of the most popular browsers include Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Apple's Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and more. Internet Explorer comes already installed on all Microsoft Operating Systems while Safari comes installed on all Apple devices.

Internet Explorer is a good browser, however there are some limitations to viewing the latest and greatest in code developments available on the web. One thing to remember is that many coding modules are still in the Working Draft or Last Call stages. Some newer features may not work with Microsoft's product until the code has been accepted as a Standard.

Because of the wide range of Apple products on the market, Safari is one of the most used browsers available.  It is a great browser and supports most of the newer features available on the web.

Browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are also great browsers that can easily be installed directly from the developers websites.  They are both fantastic at staying on top of the latest web trends and keeping their product up to date to accept the newer code used in websites. As a web developer, I personally like to use Mozilla Firefox due to it's ease of use and its built-in development tools that it has available.

Many factors can come into play when browsing a website and it is sometimes hard to know or even understand why they don't work. It is important to keep your browser version up to date to properly view the latest features available on websites. It is also important, if you have a website of your own, to be sure your website is developed with the latest code standards to ensure your customers have a pleasant user experience while browsing your website.

Ultimately, what browser you choose to use is your decision. Don't feel like you are stuck if you can't view a website properly on a particular browser... it may be the browsers compatibility with that website.  Try a different browser and go to the same website to see if you have the same issues... you just might be surprised and save yourself a headache.

Here are some great browser support references for developers or just the inquiring mind using HTML5 and CSS3.

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