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Web Tips: Google Reader

Web Tips: Google Reader

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Just like many of us, you may love to read and learn new things from your favorite websites in blogland. The only problem is that it can take hours to literally visit all your favorite blogs and try to remember all the wonderful places you like to visit. That is why we love Google Reader. It allows you to store all your favorite blogs and websites into one single place. You can organize, read, share, and much more all from this one location. Best of all... it is FREE!
All the websites and blogs you add to your Google Reader account are instantly updated through RSS feeds. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds are a way for websites to distribute new content as it becomes available. As you read a post it is automatically marked that you have read it so you can spend more time reading the articles you have not read yet.

Google also has many videos and online tutorials on Using Google Reader and How to get Started.

You can also check out the tips and tricks Google Reader has to offer on their blog.

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