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Beans & Brew...

Beans & Brew...

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October 29th - September 29th! - is National Coffee Day! Tomorrow!  (Clearly I hadn't had my coffee yet...)

With Deb Strain's Brew collection shipping to shops soon, we wanted to share how this collection came together... from Deb herself.

I’m so glad that my newest fabric collection Brew had it's debut in Portland because that is where much of my inspiration and research came from.

Coffee has always been close to my heart - as well as a survival tool! But recently, while visiting my son in Portland, I became even more interested in the colors, textures and patterns involved with coffee production and brewing.

I noticed the variation of color in the beans, the patterns created in the foam and swirls of steam, the botanical drawings of the plants, and even the rings left under a coffee cup. I’ve always loved the graphic logos on burlap coffee bags and thinking about the distant places that the beans are actually grown.

Brew started with creations of my own coffee logos...

Those drawings then became a painting used for the panel of the group.

Along with the coffee logo panel, Brew includes coordinates that reflect burlap, coffee swirls, steam, coffee beans...

And yes, even the coffee rings left under your cup!

The rich, warm color palette of Brew will put get you thinking about a nice, hot cup of coffee, as well as the many projects that you can create with this group.

My dear friend, Barb Cherniwchan, of Coach House Designs, has created three new patterns featuring Brew.  Here is just one of them. 

This is Coffee Delivery, one of three designs in Barb's Bean Banners pattern.  It measures 30" x 41".

This is Cup of Joe - it measures 68" x 78".

And Coffee First - it measures 62" x 80".  

This gives new meaning to a "bag of coffee beans", doesn't it?

Thank you for sharing this "cup of Brew" with me!