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Quilts For All Seasons...

Quilts For All Seasons...

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Isn't this beautiful?

Betsy Chutchian.  Of course.

Betsy's quilts have a distinctive Reproduction style that transcends a single era or region.  As a fan and student of history, Betsy loves delving into the lives of women with varied backgrounds, from different parts of the country and from different centuries.  There is always a story.

So when we saw that Quiltmania was publishing Quilts For All Seasons featuring Betsy's work... we were all over it!

This is Shades of Autumn, done with gold and brown prints from several of Betsy's collections for Moda, including Eliza's Indigo and Rachel Remembered.

The book is due out any day... one of us may or may not have been stalking the warehouse waiting for it.

This is the Coverlet quilt, it's based on an antique woven coverlet.

Picnic Basket.  That beautiful blue floral print is from Rachel Remembered and the blue stripe is from Lizzy's Legacy.

So Betsy is a Blockhead.  A Divine Patchwork Diva.  And now a Quiltmania Teacher?  Yes, it's true, Betsy will be teaching in Nantes, France this April at the Pour L'Amour du Fils Quilt Show.

Betsy is a very prolific author with Classic & Heirloom Quilts and Just Treats, No Tricks.  (We shared Classic & Heirloom Quilts here in April 2016.)

But back to Quiltmania and Quilts for All Seasons...

This is Mulberry Lane.  I love how a simple unit and block can make for such a wonderful scrap quilt.

What I have always loved about Betsy's quilts is that as good as the designs look in her Reproduction fabrics, the designs are also perfectly suited to other fabric styles.  Every one of Betsy's quilt designs will work with collections from Fig Tree and Janet Clare, Lydia Nelson and 3 SistersCorey Yoder and Jan Patek.  Bonnie and CamilleMinick and SimpsonMe and My Sister!  (That's a lot of "ands"!)

So the next time I'm over in the warehouse looking for Quilts For All Seasons, should I grab a copy for you too?

Happy Friday!