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Vintage Greenstone QAL

Vintage Greenstone QAL

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Lissa Alexander



Greenstone quilt


I was excited when Moda introduced Jen Kingwell's fabric line, Greenstone at Fall Quilt market. this is how Jen described the line. Within the Greenstone collection, there are 4 x full width prints which can be used as backgrounds and borders. The remaining 12 fabrics are an update to my “lollies” – 4 varied prints (a mixture of spots, checks, geos and florals), each 10” wide across the width of each fabric. -Jen Kingwell


Greenstone Dessert Roll


 I am a super scrappy quilter and the more choices in fabric the better, so when Jen created a line of fabric that was only 12 skus but I was able to get 48 different prints, I knew I had to make something!

I decided to use a Moda Dessert Roll.


Have you used a Dessert Roll yet? This precut is  5" x 45" so it can be used in all kinds of different combinations. Charm packs or jelly rolls or any combination of the two can be sub cut from a dessert roll. 

The chart below shows the 12 prints  and the additional prints that are running yardage. 



Greenstone color chart




Greenstone- FLAT


This is the quilt I decided to make and welcome you to join us in the VINTAGE GREENSTONE QAL.

Are you ready to get started? Here is a link to download the pattern.

In addition to being able to featuring so many different fabrics, the piecing of the quilt is super fun. You dont really know which fabrics are going to line up next to each other which gives it a yummy vintage feel.



Greenstone dessert roll sewn


Shown above- 2 dessert rolls strips right side together and then sewn with 1/4" seam on both sides. set a few dessert rolls strips aside to save for binding.


Greenstone strips cut


Once the strips are sewn, cut them into 2 1/2" sections. Following the directions on the pattern these sections can be put together in all different combinations. I cut the light dessert rolls into 2 1/2" strips and tried to use them as the center of my blocks.


This quilt consists of the main blocks, the corner blocks and a wide sashing.

Greenstone block

Main blocks

Greenstone corner blocks

Corner blocks


If you want to join in, ask for Moda's Greenstone Dessert Roll (stock # 18220DR) at your favorite shop or a dessert roll of your choosing. I used the white with a tiny blue dot as my background, Stock # 18232 11 but Bella 9900-98 is a good choice also.

 ( I am in the process of remaking this quilt using Vanessa Christenson's Ombre Dessert Roll and will show more of that next week.)

I will be back next Wednesday to share more about this quilt but while you are shopping, I used the light "lollies" for my backing and extra dessert rolls strips for binding.

Greenstone backing

Backing 2 1/2 yds of 18221-11 and 18225-11 to make this pieced faux back.




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