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Tour of Jenelle Kent's home

Tour of Jenelle Kent's home

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Jenelle Kent

Enjoy this video of  how Jennelle Kent uses towling througout her home.

Join Jenelle Kent as she gives us a tour of her home in NSW- Australia and how she uses Moda's Toweling throughout. Such great inspiration.

Links to the toweling patterns downloads she mentioned throughout. https://www.piecestotreasure.com/free-projects

The rest of the items are made from patterns for sale from your favorite quilt or specialty retailer.

Here is a link to the Moda Blockhead's quilt she made combining pants and toweling. https://www.piecestotreasure.com/post/moda-blockheads-finishing-the-quilt

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Join us back her tommorrow for info aboout my newest books.



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