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Stitch Pink - Stamped Heart

Stitch Pink - Stamped Heart

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

We hope you have a friend that's always up for playing, especially if that means making something.  Whether it's piecing quilts, stitching embroidery and cross-stitch, Susan Ache is a creative soul brimming with energy and excitement.

She's making blocks for our quilt-along for the Stitch Pink Sampler Quilt, and when we asked if she might have an idea for something stitchy... we received the chart for this wonderful pincushion the next day.  Inspired by stamped cross-stitch designs, this Stamped Heart would work in any color combination. 

Stitch Pink Susan Ache Stamped Heart

Pattern Instructions >> Stamped Heart Cross Stitch by Susan Ache.

Because she's a lovely over-overachiever, Susan pieced a block for the back of this pincushion.

Stitch Pink Stamped Heart Pinnie Back

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Thank you, Susan!  We love playing and stitching with you. 

Stay well!

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