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Stitch Pink Block 11

Stitch Pink Block 11

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

Five and Nine.  Five nine-patches. 

That really was the reason for the name.  But as often happens in life, it turns out these numbers have another meaning for me, one I didn't notice until I was writing this post.  Was it simply a chance coincidence, or was there a lovelier, much-missed, voice whispering in my ear?  Five and nine.  5.9.  My Mom's birthday.  (She was the Jersey Girl of Block 7.)

The names I give blocks and quilts always tell a story for me.  Some of the quilt stories are silly, some are very personal, and yes, some quilts tell a story that could have been co-authored by Stephen King.

But enough of that, today's story is a Pink one.   

Stitch Pink Block 11 Five And Nine

Block Instructions >> Block 11 - Five And Nine.

Nine-patches.  Have fun with them.  Create a pattern with the darks, or make them all scrappy.  The "bubble gum" block I made has five different nine-patches.

Where can you find all the first ten blocks?  Here - Stitch Pink Archive.

Don't miss the Stitch Pink blocks showing up on Facebook and Instagram.  And if you're there, we'd love it if you would post yours using #ModaStitchPink.

Have a good Sunday and I'll be back tomorrow.

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