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Sampler Spree QAL - Week 7

Sampler Spree QAL - Week 7

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Carrie Nelson

It's true!  It's been written about for years, there are "magic colors" that add a spark - a bit of wow - to scrap quilts.  Pink, coral and purple are on that list.  

CT SS QAL Week 7 Pink Purple Coral 

This is a very quirky assortment here, and I'm not sure they all work.  But I rather like them, and mixed with other things for sampler blocks... they would work.  Just remember Susan's Tip on Page 17 - use the fabric an odd number of times. 

Week 7!  Can you believe we're that far along?  

Here are this week's blocks. 

CT SS QAL Week 7 Blocks Pink Purple Coral

There are ten blocks this week:

  • #4 - Split Nine-Patch
  • #16 - Lattice
  • #29 - Grandma's Square
  • #32 - Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie
  • #41 - Big T
  • #65 - Snail's Trail
  • #73 - New Neighbor
  • #78 - The Sickle
  • #87 - Framed Nine-Patch
  • #100 - Hatchet

Have you been reading the tips in the book?  Do you have a favorite?  

I have a couple that were new ideas, or where I thought "EXACTLY!"

TIP No. 1 - When making a new pattern, jump to the cutting list - you may not have a ½ yard of a pink floral, but maybe you have scraps and strips or fat quarters that are sufficient to cut what you need.  So look before you shop!  (Or shop your stash first!)

There are more blocks to share from Instagram.

CT SS QAL Week 7 IG Blocks Lynda Plamann

These Week 4 Blocks are by Lynda Plamann.

TIP No. 2 - Use the camera in your phone to help with layouts!  (There are more tips related to this in the book.)

CT SS QAL Week 7 IG Blocks Carol Shriver

Carol Shriver - Week 5 Blocks.

TIP No. 3 - Don't empty your sewing room trash bin until the project you're working on is finished.  Sometimes you need to hunt through the trash for that last little piece to fix a mistake.

CT SS QAL Week 7 IG Blocks Stacy Iest Hsu

Moda Designer Stacy Iest Hsu used Teal and Orange from her Jungle Paradise collection for the Week 6 Blocks.

And no, I haven't forgotten the Sampler Spree Week 7 video from our friends at Martingale.

Wouldn't these blocks be pretty with these fabrics?

CT SS QAL Week 7 More Pink Purple & Coral

Be sure to share your blocks on social media - #samplerspreeqal

For a PDF of this post - Sampler Spree QAL - Week 7.

(If the link for this PDF isn't working, please try again later.)

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Have a terrific day!

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