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Road Warrior - Erin Fleming

Road Warrior - Erin Fleming

Written by: 
Amy Matheny

Meet Erin Fleming


This road warrior desired a change of scenery - and she got it!


Being a data processing manager at a bank for 20 years, Erin said she was ready for a change. At that same time, her mom, Bonnie Tyro, was a Moda Sales Rep and planning to retire.  Erin says, “I was fortunate to be able to take over for her! That was 12 years ago.”


"Working at a bank, I was at the same place every day, and only traveled 20 miles a day to and from work. So the first few months on the road with Moda were tough and I often wondered, ‘What did I get myself into?’ Now it is such a normal thing. I love being on the road - it was the perfect change and just what I needed! Every day is different, getting to see something new and travel in some of the prettiest country as I work through my territory, which includes Montana, Idaho, Washington, and a small part of Oregon. Montana is of course my favorite, being my home state."

Besides the scenery, Erin loves that she gets to work with different people every day and especially enjoys being able to help her customers. “My customers are hardworking people, and I admire their dedication to the quilt & craft industry. I have learned a lot from them. We have become like family,” Erin says.

Erin has two grown children, a son, Weston, and a daughter, Alexandra. She has four grandchildren, and tells excitedly that she will be a great-grandmother in July! “We are all very close and spend a lot of family time together. I’m lucky enough to still live in the small town of Charlo, Montana where I grew up and my children grew up.”

Erin and her guy, Jeff, have been together for 17 years. When she's not ON the road, she and Jeff enjoy riding off-roading in their side-by-side with friends and family.

But above all, what Erin says she enjoys the most is “my pontoon boat filled with family and friends on Flathead Lake."