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Pencil Me In Pouch sew-along: Fabric pulls!

Pencil Me In Pouch sew-along: Fabric pulls!

Written by: 
Anna Dineen

Did you catch yesterday's Sew Lux Pouch Club series post? This month, Chrissy shared tips for making her Pencil Me In Pouch, which we think is the perfect project to round out your summer sewing now that it’s back-to-school season. So, several of us on the Moda team decided to have a little Pencil Me In Pouch sew-along over the weekend!

Today, we're sharing our fabric pulls!

Alison (@alisonsexpressions)

I can’t wait to see how Alison incorporates that fun retro floral print from Cathe Holden in her pouch! The addition of metallic Speckled prints is the perfect touch.

Black - Grunge Basics Black Dress 30150 165 (BasicGrey)
White - Grunge Basics Manilla 30150 102 (BasicGrey)
Purple - Speckled Metallic Witchy RS5027 79M (Ruby Star Society)
Floral - Vintage Soul Hot Pink 7438 20 (Cathe Holden)
Green - Thatched Greenery 48626 124 (Robin Pickens)
Pink - Rainbow Sherbet Cotton Candy 45024 39 (Sariditty)
Blue - Speckled Metallic Bright Blue RS5027 50M (Ruby Star Society)


Abby (@abby_ozment)

Abby’s fabric pull shows that basics don’t have to be boring! That grid print is too perfect for a pencil pouch.

White/Blue - Grid RS3005-15 (Ruby Star Society)
Peach - Brushed RS2005-18 (Ruby Star Society)
Yellow - Spark RS0005-45 (Ruby Star Society)
Grey - Bella Solids Gray 9900 83 (Moda)
White - Bella Solids Off White 9900 200 (Moda)
Black - Bella Solids Charcoal 9900 284 (Moda)


Tammy (@nithaystack)

Tammy’s fabric pull is from just one collection – can you believe it? I think this is going to be softer, sweeter twist on the classic pencil design. I think Tammy has a little surprise element planned for her pouch as well, so stay tuned for that!

Peach Speckle - Quaint Cottage Rose 48376 18 (Gingiber)
Dark Speckle - Quaint Cottage Midnight 48376 21 (Gingiber)
Brown Speckle - Quaint Cottage Mud 48376 19 (Gingiber)
Grid - Quaint Cottage Cloud 48377 11 (Gingiber)
White Floral - Quaint Cottage Cloud 48374 11 (Gingiber)
Peach Floral - Quaint Cottage Rose 48374 18 (Gingiber)
Linen - Linen Mochi Unbleach Linen 32911 11 (Moda)


Jessie (@insidethepaperbox)

I love the neon 80s vibe from Jessie’s fabric pull! This is going to make such a fun pouch. Jessie usually adds something a little extra to her makes too…I wonder what she’s got planned with two zippers?

White/Blue - Grid RS3005-15 (Ruby Star Society)
Black/White - Grid RS3005-35 (Ruby Star Society)
Pink Speckle - Sugar Rose RS5069-23 (Ruby Star Society)
Blue - Water Pool Tiles Royal Blue RS5131 16 (Ruby Star Society)
Pink Star - Meadow Star Flamingo RS4104 17 (Ruby Star Society)
Pink Spark - Spark Lipstick RS0005 23 (Ruby Star Society)
Black - Grunge Basics Onyx 30150 99 (BasicGrey)
Yellow - Bella Solids Electric Lemon 9900 414 (Moda)


Lissa (@modalissa)

Lissa’s fabric pull is an ode to the nostalgia of childhood school days – classic and sweet! And how perfect is that pink crossweave for an eraser? Now I want to crack open a box of fresh number 2 pencils!

Red - Twinkle Cherry 24106 44 (April Rosenthal)
Pink - Crossweave Carnation 12216 15 (Moda)
Dark Navy - Crossweave Navy 12216 27 (Moda)
Yellow Tonal - Spotted Buttercup 1660 14 (Zen Chic)
Yellow Speckle - Sugar Sunshine RS5069-34 (Ruby Star Society)


I hope you’re inspired by our fabric pulls! We’ll share some progress pics of our pouches tomorrow (August 19), and on Monday (August 21), we’ll reveal our finished pouches!

Are you sewing a Pencil Me In Pouch along with us this weekend? Be sure to post your fabrics, progress pics, and finished pouches using the hashtag #pencilmeinpouchsewalong. We can't wait to see yours!