My Favorite Color is Moda - Blocks 10 & 11

My Favorite Color is Moda - Blocks 10 & 11

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Michelle White

This July, we’re sewing and talking about Blocks 10 & 11 of the My Favorite Color is Moda sampler quilt-along.  If you haven’t joined in on the quilt-along yet, there’s always time to catch up!  Check with your local quilt shop for the pattern and any fabric or kits they’ve put together. We’ll be sharing a new block or blocks on the First Tuesday of every month for the rest of 2021.

MFC Blocks 10 & 11 Intro


Note: If you’re sewing ahead, check the end of this post for all current pattern corrections.

This month, we’re featuring blocks made using the Pink Lemonade Bella Solids colorway.  Yellows, pinks, corals and oranges all come together to lend a dash of citrus and a lot of warmth and happiness to this color bundle.

MFC Blocks 10 & 11 Pink Lemonade Mock-Up

With a little mix of elements of squares of 2 sizes along with Half Square Triangles, this block lends a fun opportunity to have some fun with color placement.

MFC Blocks 10 & 11 Color Studies

In a full quilt project using one of these blocks, you can see how just changing the color of your background and cornerstones to emphasize the diagonal makes for completely different looks from each other. 

MFC Blocks 10 & 11 Yellow Quilt

In the yellow version of this quilt, the different colored HST points become the focus with the diagonal and background fading away due to the lower contrast in the yellows.

MFC Blocks 10 & 11 Coral Quilt

However, in this version using Coral and Rust for the background and diagonal squares, the contrast with the Rust color makes the diagonal lines created much more of a focus of the quilt.  The colors in the HSTs still steal the show, but the bold diagonal is a much stronger design element.

Getting away from solids, any quilt block with a larger square as part of the design (like this one has in the center) makes for a wonderful place to use larger scale feature prints, and things that might not have the same charm when it’s cut into smaller pieces.  Kitty Corn by Urban Chiks has the sweetest Kitty Cat print, but depending on what you need to cut for your pieces, you might lose some of the cats.  The larger center squares are the perfect place for them while still creating a fun pieced project.  Kitty Corn is in shops now!

MFC Blocks 10 & 11 Kitty Corn

Have fun with your Blocks 10 & 11 this month for July!  Make sure to share your blocks on social media using #MyFavoriteColorIsModa so that we can follow along with your progress, and see what fun other versions of things you come up with!  We’ll be sharing photos and blocks from the hashtag throughout the quilt-along.

MFC Blocks 10 & 11 All Colors 

For a PDF Download of this post - My Favorite Color is Moda Blocks 10 & 11


MFCIM Pattern Correction Notes:

For ALL blocks, the measurement given for Finished Size is that.  E.g., Finished size is 18" x 18", the size of the pieced block when completed is 18½" x 18½".

BLOCK 17: In the ‘Piecing’ section, the third block pairing reads correctly that you should use Fabric 1 & 6 to make HST.  However, the thumbnail image for the HST shows the incorrect fabrics, they should be the Green and Pink for Fabrics 1 and 6.  All of the cutting instructions are correct for the block.

BLOCK 18: In the ‘Piecing’ section, the thumbnail images for the block components are correct, but the fabrics listed for each are wrong.  The first thumbnail needs Fabric 1 & 9, and the second thumbnail need Fabric 8 & 1.  All of the cutting instructions are correct for the block.                 

We will continue to list any pattern corrections in these blog posts for your reference. 

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