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Keeping Track

Keeping Track

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Carrie Nelson

I like to think I'm fairly well-organized.  I am... mostly.  But the truth is that I might have a few more WIPs than I'll own up to.  And there are a few PIBs - projects in boxes - that I don't remember what they are, what I might be missing and so on.

Notebooks are good but they're rarely with the project and it's parts.  So when I someone mentioned this Moda Project Tracker, I decided to give it a try.  

My Projects

I pulled out the boxes, bins and baskets I have in my sewing room, and began taking stock of what I had.   

My Project Tracker Red

This is a recent start - I've cut all of the red strips and pieces required, and now I need to get busy with finding and cutting the backgrounds.  And no, this doesn't have a name yet.  Big Red?

This is my oldest WIP... started almost two years ago.  Slow-stitching?

My Project Tracker Metropolis

I have all the parts for this but realized that I needed to cut more background squares to complete the necessary blocks.  

This is what the Project Tracker sheet looks like.  Some of the boxes don't apply to every quilt but I found this a good way to record what I have, what I still need, and a few of the details for each project.  (Because some of my projects aren't patterns yet, I tend to forget some of the specifics...)

Moda Project Tracker

It took a little bit of time to go through my projects - the WIPs, the SSs and the NUs.  (Shorthand for "starting soon" and "next up.") (How do I manage to have three "next up's?")

My NU Project Village

This is a "just started it" project. 

The next question was to decide whether to keep the Project Tracker with the project, or in a notebook.  For now, I'm keeping it with the project and noting any missing pieces, fabrics or elements in my "all things quilt-related notebook".

If you're interested in giving this a whirl - Moda Project Tracker

Do you have any suggestions for how to keep projects organized?  What works for you?

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