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Holiday Stitch-a-Long - Block 2

Holiday Stitch-a-Long - Block 2

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

It's Thursday so we're planning ahead for the Holidays.   

Let's get to Block 2 first, then answers to several questions.

Holiday Stitch-a-Long Block 2

The pattern for this block is - Holiday Stitch-a-Long Block 2 - Holiday Hearts.

If you missed the Fabric Requirements to make this 60" x 60" quilt, you can find them here - Holiday Stitch-a-Long Fabric Requirements.

If you missed the instructions for Block 1 and the list of thread colors - Holiday Stitch-a-Long Block 1.

Now to some of the questions you asked last week.

What is the background fabric used for the embroidery blocks?  The sample is stitched on Bella Solid 9900 200 - Off White.  It's a "soft white" that works beautifully with Fig Tree and Holliberry, and most any collection where you might want a white background. 

Do you need a stabilizer?  Only if that's your preference for stitching and embroidery.  Since most of the blocks are a continuous line of stitching, there won't be many places where you might consider carrying-over your thread to keep stitching.  So if you knot and weave the ends through your stitching, there shouldn't be a problem with threads showing later.

How many threads do I need?  The sample is stitched with two strands of Aurifloss, and that is what we recommend if you're using Lecien Cosmo or DMC embroidery floss.  Use three strands if you prefer a thicker, "heavier" line.

What stitch should I use?  While the sample is stitched with a back-stitch, a seed stitch works just as well.  Use the stitch that you prefer. 

Holliberry by Corey Yoder

Image by Corey Yoder.

Do I need to use Honey Buns?  No.  We used them for our quilt because we like them, and the alternating blocks are made with 1-1/2" strips.  If you do choose to use Honey Buns, you will need two of them.  They can be the same collection, or you can mix them as we did.  (We're using two, one each of Christmas Figs II by Fig Tree & Co. and Holliberry by Corey Yoder.)  

Christmas Figs is in shops now and Holliberry will be arriving in shops by mid-July. 

If you'd like to sew your stash - fat eighths, fat quarters and scraps to total the yardage is all you need.  For the RED fabrics - 1 yard is 24 strips measuring 1-1/2" x 42" wof, or 48 strips - 1-1/2" x 21" wof.  For the GREEN fabrics - 1-3/8 yards is 33 strips measuring 1-1/2" x 42" wof, or 66 strips - 1-1/2" x 21" wof. 

Christmas Figs II by Joanna Figueroa

Image by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree & Co.

What about the "white chain fabric"?  That will have more contrast with the fabrics, and provide some continuity if it's the same fabric as the background for the embroidery blocks.  But if you get a Honey Bun or other pre-cut and you have the lights... it's your quilt and it will be beautiful with the lights from one or both of the two collections we're using. 

Thread colors.  We shared the list of colors because they're pretty, and because they look beautiful with the fabrics we're using.  They are suggestions - use the colors that go best with your fabrics.  And two colors - one red and one green - are really all you need. 

And finally...where do you find the new blocks and finishing instructions?  We'll be posting each new block on Thursday, and the finishing instructions will be posted in August.  The instructions are free and they won't be taken down.  We're still working getting the e-mail feature for the Inspiration+Resource page so you will have to keep coming back here every week.  We will post the link to the blog post on Facebook and Instagram as a reminder.

So what have I missed?

Be sure to post your blocks and use the hashtag - #ModaHolidaySAL.

Happy Stitching!