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Handmade Heart A Day

Handmade Heart A Day

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Jessie Lathroum

Some people LOVE Valentine's Day. Some people just don't like it at all. Look, Valentine's Day isn't just about ROMANTIC love. It can be. But it's about ALL love. Love for your kids, love for your parents, your friends, your pets, food,...  and for me, Harry Styles. ALL THE LOVE! (Also, it just so happens to be my birthday! Fate.) So, I came up with this idea to challenge everyone this February,... Handmade Heart A Day!! Everyday for the month of February I want you to challenge yourself to come up with a creative way to share a heart. A quilted heart. A woven heart. A paper heart. Wooden heart. Heart garlands. Heart cookies. Heart watercolor painting. Knitted hearts. I mean I could go on and on. The possibilities are endless. Honestly! You could go mow a heart into your front lawn and share that! You can have your children draw hearts all over the sidewalk and share that. When you take your kids to the park, draw a heart in the volleyball sand. You know that heart cross stitch sampler your mom made in 1984? SHARE IT! OR if you have a pattern for a heart project, share that too. There are no hard and fast rules here. Except 1,... use #HandmadeHeartADay in your posts so we can see all the hearts and spread all the love. 

Handmade Heart a Day

Join us next month to see the prettiest hearts from these incredibly talented makers:

February 1 - Michelle White (@MichelleWhiteMakes) Moda Love and Hearts free pattern HERE

February 2 - Vanessa Goertzen (@LellaBoutique) My Funky Valentines: Free stuffed heart pattern HERE

February 3 - Tami Gray Voth (@FarmDownTheLane) Vintage Quilt Hearts HERE

February 4 - Joanna Figeuroa (@FigTreeAndCo) Seasonal Patchwork Pattern HERE.  Heart block addition HERE

February 5 - Lissa Alexander (@ModaLissa) Delicious Heart Bread

February 6 - Stephanie Sliwinski (@FancyThatDesignHouse) Digital Quilt Design

February 7 - Lisa Bongean (@LisaBongean) LOVE Quilt Pattern HERE

February 8 - Holly Lesue (@MakerValley) Love Drops FREE pattern HERE

February 9 - Lissa Alexander (@ModaLissa) Fabric Envelope video tutorial HERE

February 10 - Jen Daly (@JenDalyQuilts) FREE Candy Hearts Pillow pattern HERE

February 11 - Jackie MacDonald (@SweetfireRoad) Cross My Heart Pattern HERE

February 11 - Joanna Figueroa (@FigTreeAndCo) Charm Pack Hearts Pattern HERE

February 12 - Sarah Thomas (@Sariditty) Queen of Hearts Embroidery Pattern HERE

February 13 - Doug Leko (@DougLeko) Rustic Star Topper pattern HERE

February 14 - Jessie Lathroum (@InsideThePaperBox) Throwback Heart Collar

February 15 - Abby Ozment - Punchneedle Heart Pillow

February 16 - Shelly (@LemonTreeStudio) - Mixed Media Love & Joy (shop)

February 17 - Sarah Thomas (@Sariditty) - Ever After FPP Pattern HERE

February 18 - Sherri McConnell (@AQuiltingLife)

February 19 - Laci Chung (@TheYarnyHomestead) - Gnome Crochet Pattern HERE

February 20 - Holly Lesue (@MakerValley) Heart Rocks

February 21 - Bianca Springer (@ThanksIMadeThem) Heart Embroidery

February 22 - Sarah Maxwell (@SJMax105) Heart Pillow

February 23 - Bonnie Rosales (@GreenLetterDay) Yarn Hearts

February 24 - Barb Groves (@MeAndMySisterDesigns) Love Shack Quilt Pattern HERE

February 25 - Nicole Daksiewicz (@ModernHandcraft) Hexie Pillow Pattern HERE

February 26 - Brittany Clark (@_MakeItSew_) DIY Wooden Tray Set HERE

February 27 - Tammy Vonderschmidt (@nithaystack) Flirt Heart Panel by Sweetwater HERE

February 28 - Berene (@HappySewLucky) Love Shine FPP Pattern HERE

Love to all of you! Jessie

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