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Blockheads 5 - Livestream recap

Blockheads 5 - Livestream recap

Written by: 
Anna Dineen

Ah, the agony and the ecstasy…of trying something new. I’m sure we can all relate! But I guess not all of us try something new with an audience of 1,000+ excited quilters. *wink*

If you joined our first-ever Blockheads Facebook group livestream on August 30, you might have noticed that we had a couple of technical difficulties! We are so sorry for the frustration those caused. That certainly isn’t how we wanted to kick off Blockheads 5! Thanks to everyone who hung in there with us.

So here’s a bit of a recap of what you might have missed on the livestream. (If you’re looking for a general overview of what exactly the Blockheads program is, you can check out a couple of introductory posts from previous Blockheads series HERE and HERE. Please note that these are older blog posts from previous rounds of Blockheads and some details might be different this year, but they will give you an idea of how past Blockheads series have worked.)


Where can I get Blockheads t-shirts?

You can get your Blockheads merch here: Shop Blockheads merch 


How much fabric will I need? Can I combine blocks from the first and second groups?

We have split Blockheads 5 into two groups this season. The first group will consist of 10 blocks (9 “regular” blocks and a bonus block), and the second group will consist of 30 blocks.

We will be providing block settings for the first group that use just those first 9 or 10 blocks. We will be providing block settings for the second group that use just the 30 blocks from the second group. Our designers are almost certain to provide setting options that use all 39 or 40 blocks.

You are more than welcome to combine the blocks from both groups!

It’s tricky to provide fabric recommendations that account for all the possibilities with this sampler program, so please know that we are not trying to be cagey here! You may fall in love with a particular fabric and end up using that print more than you’d originally planned. You might make a block, love it, and then see Robin Pickens’ color study for that block and decide to remake your block with a different color option! There are endless variables with this choose-your-own-adventure quilt-along, so we do our best to provide rough fabric recommendations, but it’s difficult to be very precise.

That said, a good rule of thumb if you want to make all the blocks with one coordinated fabric pull or collection is to grab a fat quarter bundle of 30-40 fat quarters and 3-4 yards of background fabric.

You will likely need some additional fabric depending on the setting you choose, but that is a great starting point for the blocks themselves.


Where can I see the list of designers and the finished quilts?

Well, we have to leave SOME surprises for you to uncover along the way! Blockheads is not just a choose-your-own-adventure quilt-along; it’s also a mystery quilt-along. We don’t show the blocks in advance – every week is a new surprise!


Thanks again for hanging in there during our first-ever livestream this morning! We’ll be back next Wednesday for Blockheads 5 – Week 1!