BH3 Block 9 - Taos

BH3 Block 9 - Taos

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Carrie Nelson

Charm School.  Jelly Filled.  (Vanessa's two best-selling books.)  Dozens of terrific patterns.  And a dozen fabric collections for Moda with "lucky, lovely thirteen" on the way.  Vanessa is also a Block Heads veteran.

Vanessa Block Heads 2 Quilt

This is a Vanessa's Block Heads 2 quilt - it's made with a scrappy mix of her collections. 

Today is about Block Heads - Vanessa's Block 9.  Taos.

BH3 Block 9 Vanessa Goertzen

Taos can be made in four sizes - 4", 6", 8" and 12" finished.  The instructions for both can be found on Vanessa's blog  - Lella Boutique.

Vanessa has been keeping up with blocks for this round and she already has her layout planned - Vanessa's BH3 Layout.

Vanessa BH3 Block 8

Block 8 - Nine-Patch.

9 are on Vanessa's blog  - Lella Boutique.

Vanessa BH3 Block 2

Block Heads 2!  If you're looking for any of the patterns and alternate blocks, Vanessa has a list of all the links!  Block Heads 2: The Finish Line.

Be sure to check out what the other Block Heads are sharing - there are sure to be a few tips and variations:

Be sure to check out the Block Heads Facebook Group and look for Block Heads 3 on Instagram - #modablockheads and #modablockheads3.

Have a terrific Taos Wednesday!

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