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Bella Classics 3- Timepiece

Bella Classics 3- Timepiece

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Bella 2 color -timepiece

You can pause momentarily to say out loud, OHH, AWWW for our newest Bella 2 color quilt, TimePiece.

This quilt finishes at 66" x 74".  
The yardage required is 3 3/4 yards of Bella Yellow (9900 221 - Sunflower) and 3 1/4 yards of Bella Super White (9900 436).  
The binding is included in the yardage for the yellow: backing - 4¾ yards.  

BElla 2 color yellow white pic

Hourglass blocks have been part of a quilter's repertoire since the early 1800s and have been used to surround medallions, as rows in quilts, and as a single block for a utility-type quilt. Although it would lend itself to a scrappy version, the antique hourglass quilts we've studied using this design date to the 1920s and 1930s, and all were two-color, two-fabric quilts. We chose to make a yellow quilt because it’s a perfect color for summer. 

ct_timepiece Stepout1

With the right sides together, align the two squares. Stitch a scant ¼" seam on both sides of the drawn line. 

Cut the square apart on the drawn line. Press seams toward Color 1 to make 2 Half Square Triangle Blocks. 


Flip units right sides together. Align seams. 

ct_timpiece-stepout 2a

Align seams. 


Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner. Stitch a scant ¼" seam on both sides of the drawn line. Cut the square apart on the drawn line to make 2 quarter square triangle units. 


Square up the hourglass blocks to measure 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" with seams.

You will piece smaller hourglass pieces for the corner squares. Join the corner squares and sashing pieces following the pattern directions.

Download the pattern here.

BElla timepiece aqua version

This color option is so stunning and graphic.

Bella- Timepiece- red color option

We are making a red and white version of each pattern. You can never have too many red and white quilts.

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This is the 3rd Bella 2-color collector quilt pattern if you are just joining us. If you missed any of the other patterns, you could download them here.

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