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Giving Back

Giving Back

Mark Dunn started United Notions in 1975 with the slogan, "The Company that Cares".  Originally it was specific to caring about our customers, but has since grown to our whole world. Mr. Dunn and his family will continue donating yearly to help those in need.

As a company, and as individuals, we believe in giving back to our industry and community by using our resources to educate young people, eliminate inequality, help people in need, and to raise money for charitable organizations. 


Moda Fabrics proudly sponsors contests and exhibits involving children, contributing funds and fabric.  Royalties from each of Howard Marcus’ twenty-four Collections for A Cause have been donated to a specific charity, as have those from the Moda All-Star books. 

We also donate fabrics and supplies to groups sewing for various charities. When communities are destroyed by natural distasters, both finished quilts and supplies are quickly sent to help those in need.

The following charities are donated to by our designers:

Alex's Lemonade Stand

Jen Kingwell, Brigitte Heitland, Janet Clare, Lisa Bongean, Corey Yoder, Laurie Simpson, Sherri McConnell

Alzheimer's Association

Carrie Nelson, Lissa Alexander, Lisa Bongean, Sherri McConnell, Corey Yoder, Susan Ache and Lisa Calle

Color of Change

Ruby Star Society

Feeding America

Brigitte Heitland, Janet Clare, Betsy Chuchian, Lisa Bongean, Corey Yoder, Laurie Simpson, Sherri McConnell

No Kid Hungry

Lisa Calle, Laurie Simpson, Corey Yoder, Janet Clare, Jen Kingwell, Betsy Chutchian, Joanna Figeroa, Lissa Alexander

Special Olympics

Vanessa Goertzen, Brigtitte Heitland, Janet Clare, Lisa Bongean, Cory Yoder, Laurie Simpson, Sherri McConnell

School on Wheels

Janet Clare, Joanna Figueroa, Stacy Iest Hsu, Betsy Chutchian

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

Pat Sloan, Carrie Nelson, Brigitte Heitland, Camille Roskelley, Me and My Sister Designs, Sherri McConnell, Sandy Gervais, Edyta Sitar, Lynne Hagmeier, Vanessa Christenson, Anne Sutton, Laurie Simpson, Jen Kingwell, Lisa Bongean, and Betsy Chutchian

Toys for Tots

Sherri McConnell, Joanna Figueroa, Betsy Chutchian, Lisa Bongean