December 6: Lucy's Crown

December 6: Lucy's Crown

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I love hearing about holiday traditions from different cultures. When I was a girl, we had a wonderful program in our school where people from the community would come and teach us about different folk traditions. I loved learning about all the cultures that surrounded us in my New York City neighborhood. One that I remember was the story of St. Lucy's Day in Scandinavian cultures and how the oldest girl in the family got to wear a crown of candles--how daring! My recollection might be a bit imprecise, but I've long had a vision of a girl in white carefully walking around a dim room lit by candlelight in her crown. Does anyone celebrate St. Lucy's Day? What does your celebration look like?

This block consists of three sections: square within a square blocks, quarter square triangles (QSTs) and a center square. Instructions are given for a 6" block, a 12" block and an 18" block.     

Square-in-square (12) 1½” squares Fabric A (4) 2½” Fabric B (4) 1½” squares Fabric C (12) 2½” squares Fabric A (4) 4½” Fabric B (4) 2½” squares Fabric C (12) 3½” squares Fabric A (4) 6½” Fabric B (4) 3½” squares Fabric C
QSTs (2) 3¾” squares of Fabric C (2) 3¾” squares of Fabric A (2) 5¾” squares of Fabric C (2)5¾” squares of Fabric A (2) 7½” squares of Fabric C (2) 7½” squares of Fabric A
Center 2½” square Fabric D 4½” square Fabric D 6½” square Fabric D

SQUARE IN SQUARE: Make 4 Draw a line diagonally across the Fabric A and Fabric C squares. Place on corners of square of Fabric B. Sew on marked line. Trim excess. QUARTER SQUARE TRIANGLES (QSTs): Make 4 Use Fabric A and Fabric C squares to construct QST blocks using your preferred method. If you need a refresher for constructing QST blocks, reference my handy QST tutorial! Trim QST blocks to 2½” /4½” / 6½” Center Square Cut square of Fabric D as listed in table. Assemble Quilt Block Assemble block with the square within the square blocks in the corners.   Christine Weld (

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