December 5: Starry Night

December 5: Starry Night

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Hello. My name is Mary Andra Holmes, one of the designers for Moda Bake Shop's Countdown To Christmas. I love looking at the stars on a clear winter night when the sky is totally dark. It's so full of wonder. My block is called Starry Night.

This blocks finishes at 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" From Red and White fabric cut (6) 3  3/4" x 3  3/4" of each. From White fabric cut (14) 2  7/8" x 2  7/8" squares. NOTE: SEAM ALLOWANCE MUST BE A SCANT 1/4". Before you begin, test your scant 1/4 seam! A scant 1/4" seam is the gold standard in quilting and in a block like this, accuracy is crucial. Use a proper 1/4" seam foot for your machine and test the first row you sew together before completing the block. Make adjustment to your seam allowance if necessary. Place one white and one red, right sides together. Making 6 sets of squares. Cut each set in half on the diagonal twice. Each square will now have four triangles. Four triangles will make two blocks. Stitch each white and red triangle together. Press seams open. Pin two red and white triangles together and stitch to make a square.  Press seams open. Its easier to chain  piece. You will make (11) of these. There will be two triangle sets not used. Trim each square to measure 2  7/8" x 2  7/8" square.               Assemble finished blocks as viewed in this diagram.   Stitch rows together first. Then attach each row together to complete a finished block. Your 12: finished block should now measure 12 1/2". Mary Andra Holmes of Sisters Quilting Trunk (@mahquilter and    

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