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December 20: Christmas Corsage

December 20: Christmas Corsage

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When I was growing up, we spent a lot of Christmases at my Grandma's house and celebrated for days with the big extended family. Many of the older generation of women wore corsages. Today's block was inspired by those lovely Christmas corsages! They always had a big red ribbon and some sparkle in the center.

This blocks finishes at 12" or 6" square. It is a paper pieced (or foundation pieced) block.

You will need a mix of 3 colors/prints for this block. Paper piecing requires some wasted fabric so start with a fat quarter for your main color. A fat eighth of the secondary color and a scrap for the third color works well.

Download the templates from the Printer Friendly Version below. Print 4 copies of the foundation piecing template. Trim the excess paper off the printed sheets. Shorten your stitch length before you begin. Trim some pieces to cover each section of the block. Be generous! You need enough for seam allowances.

Follow the stitch and flip method to paper piece the block. Press well. Join block sections.

The unfinished block measures 6.5" or 12" square. Gently tear away the foundation paper before squaring up your blocks if needed.

And please tell us some of your favorite Christmas memories in the comments!

Oda May


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